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8 week Business Mentorship

...for yoga, spiritual&/or wellness experts who are ready for customized clarity, strategy & freedom

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Do you have a million ideas spinning around in your mind and feel overwhelmed on where to begin because you don't have the foundation to your business built on crystalizing your messaging, defining your niche that aligns with your true essence and honing in on your ideal client of who you feel called to serve + work with?

You feel stuck & overwhelmed.

You're undervaluing your work & don't have the tools to scale.

You've done the things. You've invested.

But nothing seems to be working...

But you're ready to hone in your unique message and stand out in a noisy marketplace.

You need:

High-Ticket Signature Offer

Customized Roadmap to Messaging

Network of Loyal Clients

Website + Copy that Converts

Tailored Business Strategy + Plan

Abundance Mindset & Confidence in your Unique Offerings

This is what I focus on when I work 1:1 with my clients. Once the foundation to your business is crystallized, it’s super easy to plug into your website and announce that you are open for business. We then move onto creating your on-brand opt-ins that align with your niche to serve + build your tribe. We continue to build your online presence by creating your signature offerings and high-level programs for your ideal clients. 

With strategy, action-steps, intention + accountability — building your dream business that aligns with your true essence is 100% possible to achieve

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So you can move past the scarcity mindset + learn how to go from unknown to a highly sought after yoga teacher + wellness expert. 

SIX - 1 hour Live Private Customized Mentor Zoom Calls 

WEEKLY Accountability WhatsApp Check-ins + Custom Strategy

Unlimited Coaching with Kelly during the 8-week program for biz support, implementation, mindset coaching + more through WhatsApp (during open office hours).

All 3 Interactive Workbook Resource Bundles (Build Your YOU Brand, Money Methods, Convert & Connect)

Co-create Soulfully aligned Signature Offerings + Passive Income

Mindset Coaching to break through Imposter Syndrome & On-going support

Build Your Biz Mentorship

is for your next level.

All calls are recorded so you can come back to again & again. All notes from calls are typed up with custom action-steps so you have a prioritized plan & focus each week.

Like you, I had powerful and profitable ideas but I didn’t move forward with them because I thought I could do it all on my own. I was also ashamed of having limiting beliefs and fear hold me back - more times than I can count on one hand. I knew what I wanted to do but I didn’t know HOW to get from point A-Z. I was making “steps” towards my goals for MONTHS but wasn’t gaining the results or the paychecks I was seeking. And to be honest, I was super tired of getting ‘paid’ in yoga leggings rather than actual dollars. 

It wasn’t until I was ready to invest in myself and my business, when KPY took a turn in the RIGHT direction. I began to work with my business coach and I cannot tell you how much more abundance, clarity + financial freedom I have received in my business, personally and spiritually until I had someone in my corner to provide me with the insight, pinpoint the action-steps, and hold me accountable on achieving my goals.

You have a powerful message to share with the world. You know you are meant for more. 

Your dreams are waiting for you....

Ready to claim your dreams?
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Week One

↛ Craft personal story for bio/about me page
↛ Crystalize messaging
↛ Hone in on unique niche
↛ Tagline
↛ Create new Titles based off of your expertise
↛ Passion Topics - for Content Creation
↛ Discover Ideal Clients
↛ Brand Statement - who you serve/how you support them and provide a solution to their pain points

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Week Two

↛ Website updates with new essence aligned messaging
↛ Brand Up-level
↛ Freebie opt-in creation + copy
↛ Landing page for lead generation
↛ Welcome email
↛ Automated Email Sequence
↛ Conceptualizing Signature Offerings
↛ Workflow and office hours
↛ Structure of success intro to incorporate systems into biz
↛ Restructuring/reharmonization of business

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Sneak Peak

into the program

You know where you are on your journey, and you probably know where you want to go. The only thing left is HOW you are going to get there. 

Are you ready to take the leap and expand your Wellness/Spiritual Business?

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"Biz Mentorship with Kelly gifted me more than I could have ever imagined

The last few months, since starting, I have 1) created my 1:1 Signature Coaching Program, Group program, and been in creation of so much more. 2) I’ve designed and launched my website, and most importantly and more impactful than either of those 3) I’ve discovered and met ME as my truest self. I am a completely different person than I was a few months ago, and I am so grateful for you being along the ride supporting me the whole way." - Heather V.  @heatherviniarwellness

client love


"She has completely elevated my energy and gave me the motivation to turn my dream business into a reality

Working with Kelly in her 1:1 Mentorship has been an incredible experience.  She is reliable, accountable, and extremely helpful. I always felt supported, and I love how she wants you to succeed. I look forward to her weekly check-ins and our bi-weekly 1:1 zoom calls. I needed that little extra push and Kelly has helped me to work through self-doubt. I have more confidence in my ability to move my business forward and do my best. She is also such a kind person and I enjoyed working with her. I could not recommend working with her enough!" - Allison S. @allisonrachaelyoga

client love


"Working with Kelly was the best thing I ever did for my business

because of the way she seamlessly helped me refocus, assisted me in gaining the momentum I was lacking, and was continuously there when I needed extra support. When we began working together I felt completely overwhelmed with the direction I was heading in my business, and she instead helped me feel more aligned with not just my ideal clients and goals, but also my purpose. Not only that, but any meeting with Kelly was like a chat with a close girlfriend which helped the growth feel natural and fun! I cannot recommend enough opportunities to work together with her!" - Emily @wellxwmn

client love


"I feel more confident in my ability to be the CEO of my own business, I have the knowledge to scale...

Working with Kelly in the Build Your Biz Mentorship was the key I needed in order to unlock the clarity & foundation of my business! Her guidance, accountability, & knowledge about entrepreneurship really helped me get clear on what type of business woman I wanted to be. I feel more confident in my ability to be the CEO of my own business, I have the knowledge to scale & create offerings that will serve my targeted audience, & most importantly, I have grown so much as a person. I will be forever grateful for Kelly’s presence & support! Thank YOU! Here’s to serving fellow goddesses & walking in the path of entrepreneurship!” 
-Miriam Grace @coachmiriamgrace

client love


"She really nurtured the parts of me that were fearful and feeling unworthy...

“Working with Kelly was such a blessing. Not only did she help me have a clearer blueprint for my business and keep me accountable, she really nurtured the parts of me that were fearful and feeling unworthy. I highly recommend her to anyone starting a business to get clear on their brand, their offerings, and build their self confidence. It’s a definite HELL YES! from me and I’d do it over again in a heartbeat”- Jessica B.

client love


"She is an amazing accountability buddy whose knowledge, support and intuition were integral to getting my wellness marketing business up and running 

Kelly was an absolute joy to work with. She is an amazing accountability buddy whose knowledge, support and intuition were integral to getting my wellness marketing business up and running. I know I grew A TON both personally and professionally in the 12 weeks we worked together. I don’t know where my business would be if Kelly wasn’t there to help me clarify my vision and build the foundation. If you have the opportunity to work with Kelly, say YES to yourself and your business. I guarantee you won’t regret it - Meghan G.

client love


"I literally did not have a functioning business before working with Kelly. She helped me to take loose ideas from the ethers and make them manifest

Working with Kelly was such a blessing. From the chaos of my raw ambitions she pulled clear and functional steps to pave the road for my success.
She was supportive and patient every step of the way and always helped me reframe any fears or shame into positive and self-loving stepping stones.
Kelly is uplifting to work with. She not only helped me to believe in myself and the service I want to provide others, but encouraged me to breathe and let it happen organically. In a fast paced and output driven world, Kelly reminded me that work is truly meant to be fun and fulfilling AND to embrace that unconditional love with very deserving open arms. I am eternally grateful for her time and empowering growth I experienced." - Kate S.

client love


"She’s helped me bring my business to life, and has given me the confidence to really claim it!

Immediately after my clarity call with Kelly I had the feeling of “OK I can do this!” She knows how to ask the right questions to help you gain clarity on your purpose and your business’s mission. Kelly is the perfect accountability partner and comes prepared with the right mix of coaching, technical skills, and authenticity. She’s helped me bring my business to life, and has given me the confidence to really claim it!"
 - Margaret F.

client love


"Working with Kelly was one of the best decisions I could've made for my business

She was able to help me break through my limiting beliefs that were holding me back. She made things so easy and accessible for me. Kelly helped me to quit making excuses and get sh*t done. I don't know where I would be right now if I hadn't invested in myself with the 12-week mentorship experience. I was able to get my website up and running, identify my ideal clients, created my signature program and offerings based off of my expertise, host my first online LIVE event, create my business cards, landed a new teaching job, and most importantly feel confident about my business and my unique gifts/talents. - Chanel S.

client love


"The accountability has been everything. She also has me dreaming bigger than I ever would have on my own, truly!

Working with Kelly has been amazing! I am completely happy that I brought her onboard to help me start my yoga business. The accountability has been everything. She also has me dreaming bigger than I ever would have on my own, truly! The amount of help I was able to receive on things outside of my wheelhouse like social media, website, general tech stuff was invaluable! Previously that felt like a BIG roadblock, but I’ve gained a lot of confidence in those areas working with Kelly. I am SO glad that I took the leap of faith to hire Kelly! - Annie H.

client love


"Kelly and I immediately connected on a soul level!

She asked such curious and direct questions to really get me thinking about the message I wanted to share with others and who I wanted to work with. Offering tangible “what’s next” steps, she created accountability for me so that I don’t fall into the procrastination trap that I would have if I was working solo. Her brain is the perfect compliment to mine, and I felt so supported and heard throughout our entire call. I cannot wait to see what we create over the next three months!" - Vanessa P.

client love


Thank you a million times over Kelly, it was meant to be for us to work together and I could not be more grateful.

I have been following Kelly's work for years and had the pleasure of watching her build her own business. Seeing how successful she made herself, I couldn't help but sign up when she started offering 1:1 coaching because I knew she had the secrets to success that I would need for my own business. Well not only has she already met/exceeded my expectations after just one call but lucky for me, we still have two more months of working together! I genuinely feel like this was the best step I could have taken for my future and know that not only is she worth the investment but I AM WORTH IT! - Audrey W.

client love