Build your foundation:
take flight!

Build a solid foundation to your yoga practice by strengthening your core, arms + shoulders with over 40 fun + effective exercises and learn how to take flight with arm balances + inversions!



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ARE YOU... ready to take your practice to the next level but aren't sure where to start? 

You feel frustrated and STUCK in your yoga practice. 

You see instructors + practitioners get into crazy poses , effortlessly, thinking to yourself, “What in the actual hell?!” 

You look around the room in yoga classes, comparing myself to others, wishing your body knew how to do certain movements.

You don’t believe it’s possible to get upside down and balance on your hands because you keep saying you are 'weak.'

But you’re ready to build a solid foundation to feel confident in your yoga practice both on + off the mat.

You need:

To build a SOLID foundation to your yoga practice.

Fun + effective exercises to strengthen + tone your core, shoulders & arms.

To release fear to allow you to get upside down & balance on your hands.

A trusted teacher to show you HOW to deepen your yoga practice.

Discover your inner + outer strength through KPY's favorite exercises and positive affirmations to allow you to believe you are capable in achieving anything you set your mind to!

Receive the 120-page e-book with over 40 exercises to build your foundation for arm balances + inversions. instructional photos, hip/hamstring openers, empowering mantras, wrist + shoulder cool downs! Plus inspiring quotes woven throughout!

Build your foundation + take FLIGHT?

Are you ready to

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