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Build your website 101

Discover the secrets behind a kickass website that expresses your unique offerings and better magnetize the people you feel called to serve as paying clients



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DO YOU…feel lost, a little anxious, and unclear on the steps to building and launching your website? You may have been putting off this ‘daunting process” becasue you don’t have clarity on HOW or WHERE to start...

You feel overwhelmed on what to even put on your website.

You’re not clear on your niche or area of expertise.

You have been thinking about creating your website for some time now (months or even years!)

You feel stuck or at a standstill on how to attract your ideal clients.

But you’re ready to allow yourself to actually create + publish your website, so that you can get clients, build your abundant business + stop hiding.

You need:

Clear flow on the layout of your website that is easy to follow + converts

Crystalized messaging on who you serve + the solutions you provide to them

Tried-and-true strategies that will change your branding, business + website game to help you STAND OUT.

The confidence, tools, and support to create the website of your dreams

You are struggling to sound authentic when it comes to your messaging and bio.

So much arises in the process of creating this core/foundational piece of your business, so this guide walks you through overcoming that fear, lights the fire under your booty to remember your ability + worthiness, and creates the clarity + courage to represent the brand of YOU, online.

Receive The 30-page E-book to Gain the roadmap to your website to better magnetize the people you feel called to serve as paying clients.

Claim that you are a business, stop hiding and open your virtual storefront?

Are you ready to

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Build Your you brand

Crystallize your messaging as a Yoga Teacher or Wellness Expert and learn how to craft a brand that embodies YOUR true magic

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Convert & Connect

Learn how to harness your inner magic when it comes to Instagram, Social Media engagement while serving your Community in a powerful way!

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Money Methods

Get Hired. Make Money. Interactive Workbook is jam-packed with all of her best tips + tricks on standing out from the crowd and building a thriving yoga business.

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