chakra cleansing 101 

on-demand 1 hour masterclass + Meditation

Gain the tools to discover your blocked chakras & bring your body, emotions + soul into harmonious balance



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You’ve heard about chakras, their associated colors, as well as their names...but how does your body react when they are out of balance, what physically manifests and what can you do to unblock your chakras and bring them into balance?

Join Kelly for this special hour long masterclass recording to empower you with the tools + techniques to discover your blocked chakras and bring your mind, body, emotions + soul into a fine-tuned, harmonious energetic flow. 

In this Chakra Cleansing Masterclass 

You will receive:

Fun + tangible knowledge on the entire Chakra System.

The location, colors + sounds of each chakra.

 Unique meaning to emotional, physical & spiritual connection.

How your body responds when chakras are blocked/unbalanced (diseases, emotions, characteristics, etc.). 

Crystals associated with each chakra; to balance and unblock

A clear understanding on when your chakras are balanced/unblocked.

Chakra Cleansing Affirmation Guided Meditation to awaken your energetic chakra wheels and released stagnant energy that is not yours to carry.

Deep dive into your Chakras?

Are you ready to

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