F*ck Yes! Frequency

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Like Netflix for your mind & soul to FEEL F'ing good.

YAY! I am SO in!

Life-changing tools to bring you into an energetic state that

pulls your manifestations into your reality with ease.

What if you were so aligned in who you are and in who the F you came here to be
That you became an energetic match to your manifestations?
Where you absolutely LOVE
and dare I even say, obsessed with, the life you live.
Where you are consistently hearing yourself say, ‘F *ckYES! I Manifested THAT!’
Where you feel so F'ing good
Where you feel light and freeeee 

and MAINTAIN your state of alignment

Creating or implementing from a place that ‘worked’ for others (which has you feeling like it’s not working.)

Wishing and waiting for your current reality to be way different than what it is.

Focusing on people pleasing.

Prioritizing others feelings, emotions and desires over your own.

Your manifestations come into your reality from a state of alignment.

it doesn't have to feel heavy anymore


This is what knocks you out of alignment:

Law of Attraction

What if there was no pressure, force or doubt when it came to manifesting a life you love.
Where you stopped giving a f*ck if you have your manifestation in your current reality yet or not
And instead, gave all the f*cks about being happy & aligned in the NOW moment.
Where your energy, attitude and frequency were a MAGNET to your manifestations.
There's no more trying. 
It simply just IS.

Welcome to...

Truth bomb, babe:
You don’t attract what you want
You attract what you are

The F*ck Yes! Frequency

Meditation + EFT Tapping Membership

I am so in! sign me up!!!

Feeling light, free and in the F YES Frequency!


The Membership for women who are seeking to maintain an energetic state of alignment that pulls your manifestations into your reality with ease!

You are so proud, certain, excited,  and confident.

You feel safe in receiving your desires because you believe you are worthy and deserving of living a life you love.

You hear yourself saying, 'F YES! It's here! I did this!' 

Enter into the Law of F YES!

BE the vibration of 'F*ck YES!' and your Manifestations follow with ease


Imagine your biggest, baddest desire was already here....

A New guided meditation every single week & EFT Tapping Session every MONTH! 
Released on Magic Mindset Monday to set the intention for your week!

30+ full EFT Tapping Sessions to release negative emotions tied to your desires & open up your energetic capacity to receive more good into your life!

40+ Guided Meditations & Subliminal audios to enter into an energetic state of alignment (who the F you are & who you came here to be!) that magnetizes your manifestations into your reality with ease & fun!

When you become an F Yes Frequency member

and F YES Bonus! (see below! for Annual Membership option only!)

you get access to:

instant access to over your $3,333 worth of meditations, soul guided journey's and EFT Tapping Sessions!

join now to unlock all of these and more!

Get Ready to live in alignment with your Soul Purpose and integrate your soul gifts, skills + wisdom into this lifetime!
It's time to call back all parts of your soul and embody who you truly are and who you came here to BE! (Valued at $111)

Discover Your Soul Purpose Masterclass & Soul Retrieval

F YES Bonus!

I'm making it super easy for you to say F YES to MAINTAINING your energetic frequency of alignment!


one-time Payment (save $44.44)


Go VIP annual


choose your payment option:

month-to-month payment



(2 months free!)
PLUS! Discover your soul purpose masterclass

Best value!

no commitment

limited time special!

Founding Member Price

8 day Free Trial

100% risk free guarantee

We know this Membership is valuable AF but we want you to feel comfortable + confident in enrolling!

If you join and feel that it isn't the right fit after 8 days, you can cancel your membership.

We won't even ask for all of the powerful, newly gained tools back :)

Meet your bold leader, Kelly

Your energetic permission slip for you to step into who you authentically are and who the f*ck you came here to be.
I’m a certified Life & Success Coach, Neural Energetic Wiring Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, and Hypnotherapist.

I used to look outside of myself for all of the answers, the right next step, the correct move to make (according to someone else’s blueprint). Little did I know I was energetically leaking my POWER and placing my self worth in the hands of others. 
No wonder why I felt like nothing was working and I didn’t know what I was doing with my life?!

I was living out of alignment. I forgot how powerful I truly am and shut down my magic and unique gifts of serving the world in the process. 

Until I dove deep into energetics, manifestation principled and mindset modalities.

I learned first hand that being plugged into your power and living in alignment with YOU turns the Universal flow the f*ck on and has you saying, “f*ck yes! I manifested that!” 

From internal validation, alignment and no longer sourcing my power outside of me…my life massively up-leveled in all areas. 

The tools that truly helped me to maintain this state of alignment and personal power are EFT Tapping & Meditation!

Which is exactly what’s inside F*ck Yes! Frequency.

I can’t even wait to teach you these powerful tools where you are constantly saying, “F*CK YES! I love my life!!” 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered

How long do I have access to the content inside of FYF?

How long do I have access to the content inside of fyf?

As long as you are an active member in the F Yes Frequency, you have 24/7 access to the resources in your student dashboard 24/7 anytime, anywhere.



There are NO time commitments and you CAN cancel your membership anytime! The monthly membership is paid on a monthly basis, no commitments and you can cancel anytime you need. You're not locked into anything :)

For support on maintaining your energetic state of alignment, FYF members have found the Annual Membership to be the solution!

I have more questions, where can I get those answered?

I have more questions, where can I get those answered?

Please send a DM to kelly @the_badassbabe or email us at hello@kellypender.com

It's your F'ing time to be totally and completely in alignment with who you are and who the F you came here to be. & live the life you LOOOOOVE.