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Are you ready to stop feeling like you'll always be a 'broke b*tch?!'

You know that's exactly what you want for yourself.

A life where you fully believe you deserve massive success, where you easily generate money, where you embody the identity of a wealthy woman and know you are worthy of all the money that you receive and  are worthy of making more money.

You see others around you receiving money, opportunities, promotions and wealth with ease.

You have NO idea where to even start OR have started adding in money mantras and nothing has changed, so you’re back at square one and feel frustrated AF!

You think you have to work harder (I’m talking 10-12 hour ‘busting-your-ass-off days’) to make more money

You grew up hearing your family saying, “people who are wealthy are assholes.” which rooted into your subconscious and you feel shame, guilt or fear around desiring more money.

You stress about bills and constantly think you will never have enough or be able to make more money (HUGE stressor - resulting in a rabbit hole of shit negative self talk!)

There’s just one small problem that’s been blocking you..

How in the actual heck can I shift my money mindset in a way that feels easy, doesn’t add more to my to-do list and without a HUGE investment?

TRUTH BOMB: You have everything you need to transform your money mindset. Any resistance or old beliefs that may be blocking you… it’s because you decided to believe them to be true for yourself.

You can choose differently.

Seeing an increase in your bank account or hearing that “ping” on your phone notifying you that you received an unexpected windfall of money.

Walking taller believing that you are worthy of massive success and can handle wealth with grace and ease.

Feeling a weight lifted off your shoulders now that you let go of the shit that was holding you back from true success and embodied YOUR version of wealth + success.

Instead of feeling overwhelmed by others' money stories, you made the simple decision to believe differently for yourself, broke free from anyone else's anxiety, fear and lack around money and EXPANDED what you are CAPABLE of attracting. (Aka aligned to the energy of money and are a freaking money magnet!)

Can you imagine...

I have just the thing


Magic Money Mindset is a step-by-step, 3-system video + audio course that equips women (like you!) with the know-how & tools needed to develop and shift your money mindset into one that fully supports your wealth, abundance + magic!

Up your value, step into your worth and magnetize money into your life in a fun & easeful way!

Magic Money Mindset 



In this course, I teach you my 3-step formula & show you exactly how to 

Experience and access my favorite NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) tools & resources that support your elevated, reframed mindset so you can consistently operate at a positive energetic vibration that aligns to the energy of money, wealth + abundance.


Reprogram the way you look at wealth so you can embody the version of yourself who easily receives her money goals in a fun and effortless way!


Uncover + clear out limiting money stories and negative emotions tied to money so you can expand what you are capable of attracting into your life.


for the woman ready to completely transform and up-level her money mindset... 

And guess what? Shifting your money mindset doesn’t require HOURS of work or even interfere with your ‘lay the fark down’ time. Once you complete this course, you’ll be able to maintain your magic money mindset with just 5-11 minutes each day!

It's a really simple system, let me explain...

- Mariah y. - 

Kelly made me feel so supported. I was able to release some deep rooted feelings and experiences with money. I uncovered and identified this specific one that I have carried since I was 18 when I got my first credit card, allowing me to shift into a more balanced approach to my finances.

“I used to feel judged around the way I spent my money, now that I have taken this course I shifted into, 'I don't need to prove anything!' I feel FREE and truly believe that Money expands my life's opportunities and experiences. ”

- Karla G. -

Kelly guided me in finding and releasing old beliefs I was holding onto regarding money and wealth. Acknowledging and releasing these beliefs has transformed the way I look at and interact with my wealth and abundance. I shifted my identity to: I am a Free Flowing Prosperous woman that supports my newfound beliefs. And I just keep thanking the Universe! 

"Speaking of abundance, I’ve scheduled 3 new clients in the last week through my private practice!" 

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Client results

Growing up I heard from my family that people who make a lot of money are assholes. My old money story and identity was “I only need just enough to get by.”
The way this manifested into my life was, I was telling the Universe...I’m good, please don’t support me. When others around me made more money or got a promotion I would feel resentful and further continue to tie a negative emotion around money. I would check my bank account and go into DEEP scarcity mode. I would allow those numbers to define my worth. I would allow my low self worth to define the energy I was emitting out into the world and I was completely out of alignment with the energy of money. 
Little did I know, I was unknowingly blocking myself from success.
I decided I didn’t want to feel this way about myself or about money anymore, hell I didn’t want to live that way anymore so I dove into NLP and deep subconscious work around limiting beliefs and around money mindset. The moment I decided to shift my identity from “I have enough, I don’t need anymore” to “I am a wealthy badass business woman” and learned how to embody that energy and reframed a new truth for myself that supports that identity - guess what happened? Money came into my bank account easily and effortlessly. Clients came out of nowhere. My business shifted, My life shifted. My vibration shifted. Because I CHOSE to shift
It’s a choice. 
Let’s make that choice today, sister!

I believe that it is your birthright to shine. to choose to create your own definition of happiness, success, wealth, power and abundance!
& to live your best f'ing life!

I'm Kelly

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I know what it’s like to feel like money is a constant struggle. I also know you are capable of transforming your mindset, releasing the shit, upping your value, stepping into your worth and becoming a magnet to money.

total value = $777

This is YOUR time. Your time to stop being your own barrier. Your time to invest in the next-levl you.

Many of our subconscious beliefs and patterns were picked up from our parents and caretakers and perpetuated throughout our lives.
In order for you to get to where you wanna go or achieve different results, it's important for you to understand where you are now!
This guide allows you to uncover & stop your limiting beliefs, reframe them, look at them from a different perspective and move forward with a belief that serves you!

**Magic Money Spell inside!**

money embodiment guide & Money spell
($97 value)


Similar to hypnosis, this quick & effective money manifesto shifts negative subconscious patterns tied to money into a new wealth embodiment conscious mindset. Apply this powerful technique to embody your new identity that supports your money goals. This will ultimately become your new truth!

magic Money Manifesto
($197 value)


The bonuses

Let's not forget about

(worth over $222)

Identify if your subconscious aligns to the energy of money.

Uncover limiting phrases, decisions, and deeply rooted beliefs that are related to money.

Clear out old energy around money

module 1: uncover

Here's what we will cover...

Utilize NLP Time Technique to shift and reframe your subconscious mindset.

Set, claim and define your specific money goals (the subconscious mind takes the path of least resistance)

Identify the version of YOU that embodies your money goal easily.

module 2: reprogram

Learn the principle for Energy of Money and Wealth Embodiment.

Up your Value, Up your income - increase your income and become a MONEY MAGNET.

NLP Technique: Anchor for Wealth.

EFT Tapping Bundle to amplify and maintain your newfound money mindset

Module 3: Magnetize

Money & Wealth 

Confidence & Success


PLUS EFT Tapping to EXPAND what you are capable of ATTRACTING into your life!

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total value = $777

This is YOUR time. Your time to stop being your own barrier. Your time to invest in the next-levl you.

Here’s the truth. If you want different results, you need to do something different.
Make a decision right now to get different results.

Sounds amazing, I'm in!

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