I help women like you break free from their current, unsupportive patterns that are blocking their success & highest potential to bring the vision of their Highest Potential into their reality!

1:1 Mindset & Success Coaching

A private coaching program for ambitious women to reprogram their subconscious mind for abundance, confidence, success & prosperity

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Go from

Have a new relationship with your self worth + have energy going into work/ in your biz & feel fulfilled, balanced + aligned.

Overwhelmed, distracting yourself from moving forward & not sure HOW to take your first step into embodying your Highest Self

Money, success & wealth come to you easily because your vibration is an energetic match 

Weighed down with past programming & limiting beliefs around your self worth, success, confidence & money mindset

To this...

Constantly second guessing everything you do, which results in hiding your unique abilities, skills & talents.

You radiate joy, happiness + goddess energy to consistently attract relationships & opportunities that support the visions of your Highest Self.

Anxious & feeling stuck in constant recurring + overpowering negative thoughts.

Toolbelt of powerful NLP mindset techniques to support & maintain your new reframed positive mindset

I designed this program because it's what I wish I had access to when going through my personal loss, living in victim-mode & fear, self sabotage, self doubt and negative inner self talk with what felt like no way out. 
I knew deep down that I wanted to break free from my circumstances but I didn't know HOW.
How could I break habits of negative thoughts? How could I stop doubting and questioning my every move? How could I achieve my goals when limiting beliefs are at the forefront of my mind every damn day?
I lived in this state of fear, lack and unworthiness for a good loooooong while. I had a few ah-ha moments and intuitive nudges but didn't allow myself to act on them. 
Until one day, I knew it was time to seek support & accountability. I knew I was meant for something more. I knew I was ready for a profound shift - mentally, spiritually, emotionally.
There are powerful tools for deep, subconscious mindset shifts.

There are enormous benefits in accountability to support & maintain your new reframed mindset.

There is a safe space & resources for breaking free from & healing old patterns + beliefs to know that you are worthy. 

There is support for embodying your goal- achieving, confident, successful, abundant, prosperous, goddess energy

And I want to share them with you and I want to help you to integrate them into your life, so that you see incredible results & have massive breakthroughs in your life!

What if I told you you already have everything you need within to transform your mindset + magnetize what you want on autopilot?

what you need is less forceful energy, second guessing  & more powerful mindset & law of attraction work...

This program is your solution.

"working with kelly in her  NLP life coaching and customized hypnosis session was UNBELIEVABLE. I am so grateful that I found Kelly, and I can honestly say I don't know where I would be without her guidance today. Kelly helped me realize anchors holding me back and slowing me down that I didn't even consciously know where there. Our life coaching session was so powerful and incredibly liberating. Kelly helped me identify when and where this old thought pattern came from and how to rewrite that story. she shared her immense wisdom and inspiration with me, which really helped me to tap into my source and inspiration! It was so powerful! If you feel stuck and unsure how or where to start to release your blocks, Kelly Pender is who you NEED to see."

- Hailey G.


Weekly check-ins, gratitude shares & celebrations of your wins for personal support & momentum


Weekly 1:1 Customized  Coaching Calls over zoom (6) so you can get coached on reprogramming your subconscious mind & a life that supports your highest potential.

High-Vibe Tools: 

What's included:

6 weeks of  Coaching Support between calls on WhatsApp, so you can receive guidance & coaching on any feelings, emotions, old habits that may arise to allow you to integrate your new mindset

Unlimited Access to Kelly for connection, intention setting & maintaining high vibe energy together!

Three EFT Tapping Sessions that you can access anytime, so you can shift into a high vibration of energy, confidence + success every damn day! (valued at $111)

Mindset Workbook so you can embody the version of yourself who goes after what she wants with confidence + power. (valued at $111)

Session One

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Clarity Goal Setting Technique 

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into the program

Session Two

Creating a new Identity to embody the person who supports your goals

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Session Three

Pinpointing a Limiting Decision to Release Limiting Beliefs & Rewire your Mindset 

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Session Four

Embodying a new Money & Wealth Mindset to align to the Energy of Money

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Session Five

Identifying your Values to create Energetic Boundaries, Soul-Aligned Schedule + Supportive Relationships

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Session Six

Custom Hypnosis Session: Integrating your new Mindset into your Subconscious to consciously live & lead your life as the woman who confidently shows up in the world 

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Here are the topics & modules we cover:

Get crystal clear on your goals/visions so that you can no longer try to do 333 things at once & get to your outcome and desired results 10x quicker

What Happens Inside:

Gain clarity on your values & identity so you can fully embody the version of yourself who supports & achieves your personal goals with ease 

Understand + Embody The Principles of Law of Attraction so you can manifest the life you want quickly + easily!

Uncover your money blocks so you can create a positive relationship with money & embody your true wealth, prosperity and abundance.

Learn NLP tools & resources that support your elevated. reframed mindset so you can consistently operate at a positive energetic vibration & attract opportunities, clients, wealth + abundance with ease.

Kick fear & negative recurring mind chatter holding you back to the curb so you can step out of your comfort zone & jump into the life + mindset you want.

Custom Hypnosis Session to shift subconscious patterns into a new conscious mindset that embodies your confidence, success, prosperity, abundance + freedom.

Release limiting beliefs around your self worth so you can create a new relationship with your Self and show up in all areas of your life with confidence as your most powerful Self.

Identify your needs & desires so you can define clear energetic boundaries to attract relationships that support your growth, goals & deeply nourish your soul.

Break your current patterns that are blocking your success & highest potential so you can create a sustainable mindset for unstoppable success & confidence.

What people

Kelly’s 1:1 Mindset & Success Coaching Program is AMAZING! It’s incredible how different I feel after just 6 weeks. I learned so many tools that have helped me shift the way I think and act around limiting beliefs and behaviors that stemmed from those beliefs. I feel more powerful, magical, and am continuing to implement what I learned to embody the person I know I am deep inside. I cannot thank Kelly enough for guiding me and helping me find myself and my inner wisdom/power again! Each call made me feel more and more magical, confident, and resilient! I am forever grateful for what I’ve learned, for Kelly’s support and guidance, and for the magic that happened in just 6 short weeks.
- Karla G.



What people

"Working with Kelly in her Mindset & Success Coaching session allowed me to  feel settled in my goal, I have a very clear path, I feel supported by the Universe and excited about doing the work to get there - which doesn't even feel like work! I feel a push in the right direction and I am excited!
I came into our coaching session seeking clarity around my business  & life and what I didn't expect (which was a delightful surprise!) was to clarify the actual tangible pieces The whole process of breaking down my goal; the feeling, the intuitive guidance, the timeline (actually giving my goal a real time!) felt different than anything I have ever tried before. I have been doing visions boards for years and this was the most powerful goal setting technique and session I have ever done!" - Kelly W.



What people

"Let me start by saying that your heart has led you to Kelly for a reason if you're reading this. Following our life coaching session, Kelly made a customized hypnosis for me (which I now listen to every night before bed). Kelly made such powerful connections to my life inside this hypnosis by using my own words, making everything land and resonate with me greatly. I believe that EVERYONE needs a session like this in their life to move past any energetic anchors that slow you down. The hypnosis opened my heart and called in everything that I see for myself; Kelly transported me into my highest and best self. It was an incredible experience that I can't recommend enough.
Thank you so much, Kelly!" 
- Hailey G.



What people

"I still can’t stop smiling after my coaching call with Kelly! Chills, high vibrations, and ALL the feels are what came out of my time with her! Kelly and I were able to dig deep into what I truly wanted for myself and set a measurable/achievable goal. I absolutely LOVED how she set up a scenario that allowed me to experience what my mind, body, and soul would feel like when I achieve my goal! Compound that with her high vibrations and “down to Earth” spirit and you CAN’T go wrong with Kelly! I would 100% recommend her coaching to ANYONE who is ready to align with their soul purpose and goals." - Nikki S.



What people

"Kelly’s NLP goal setting & soul alignment coaching session was unique and powerful. Without the proper mindset, goal setting can often feel unrealistic and discouraging. Kelly has a true gift— helping others feel safe, supported, and capable of their deepest desires. If you, like me, have 1000 mini goals floating in your head and need to clear your vision to move forward in creating the reality of your dreams... Kelly is your girl." - Nicole M.



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