with the Abundance DNA Method

this is how you will have these results too 

Your new Reality

will look like this...

Leaving your soul-sucking boring ass 9-5 to build a soul-nourishing aligned business making money on your OWN terms 

Receiving promotions with $30k salary increases and waking up to raises in your paycheck without even having to ask

Opening up Unexpected financial windfalls & revenue streams into your business (my fave!)

Increase in sales and PIF clients continuously sliding into the DM’s ready & excited to work with you on the daily 

After being on the Manifestation journey for 10 plus years I've tried ALL the methods, affirmations, every possible manifestation 'hack', binge listened to all the podcasts and invested thousands towards programs and coaching.
I sifted through the fluff and methods out there. I did ALL the trial and error and became an expert in what actually works to manifest more money & abundance

This signature method that was reserved for my private clients is what has helped 100's of my students that once felt stuck just like you, receive more money into their lives/business and now it's available to you too

As a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner I blend Science-backed techniques, Universal Laws & Energetics of Quantum Physics
I started applying these principles & techniques to my life as well as with my private clients and the outcomes were incredible
My clients were able to receive $30k salary increases, new PIF clients, unexpected financial windfalls, promotions and increase their income with EASE. 
It wasn't just ONE pillar that allowed these results, it was three KEY components.
The abundance DNA Method was born

This is what sets me apart as a manifestation coach and why I really get it👇🏼

Enter into...

You will learn a step by step system to make more money NOW without ‘trying to be positive’ 24/7,overcomplicated methods adding more to your plate taking precious time from you or your loved ones 

In 33 days or less, you will have expanded on or opened up new revenue streams leading to $1k or more

You will have personalized and direct feedback from me on what to rewire, recalibrate or remove in your life/business


The proven 3 step method to Manifest your Next $1k in 33 days through the process of...
Creating new money making Neural Pathways
Shifting into a Quantum State aka the Abundance Realm
Regulated Wealth Encoding

...without needing to work more to make more money.

4 Training Sessions 
(Valued at $1,555) 

I AM IN!!!



Modalities & science-backed Techniques accompanied with each lesson ($1,555 value)

LIFETIME ACCESS - rinse & repeat method for every desire you bring forward in your lifetime (priceless)  


Wealth & Success is your Birthright Hypnosis ($222 value)
'Manifest your F*ck Yes' Sticker sent to you in the mail! (so fun!)

Module 1: Create New Money Making Neural Pathways 

Module 2: Shifting from Newtonian Physics State to A Quantum State (aka the Abundance Realm)

Module 3: Regulated Wealth Encoding

Module 4: Abundance Frequency Portal & Manifestation Maintenance

Getting your Energy Behind your Income
& Maintenance Kit 

Energetics of Receiving MORE Masterclass

bi-weekly coaching calls during our three months together ($3,333 Value)

No other manifestation program out there is designed this way which is exactly why I created this 

Can I get you results in 33 days? 1000% 
HOWEVER, it’s going to take more than 33 days for us to consciously continue to create new money making neural pathways and reprogram your old limiting beliefs
And that’s why I structured it to where you’re getting continuous support on a biweekly basis with me for three months

"I was feeling energetically stuck in subconscious programs and unable to understand why I couldn’t push through the stuckness since I had so much awareness and coaching/healing tools and modalities already under my belt. I thought I should have been able to overcome mindset blocks on my own.

Upon completion of MTSU, I felt like my entire consciousness had been elevated. I felt like I actually had the power to create my life from a place of abundance instead of control, and I had such a clearer understanding of my money/manifestation blocks, as well as clear action items to start moving through them. The toolkit and personalized accountability Kelly provides in this container was something I didn’t expect, but it was seriously life changing.

I think just gaining the awareness of level and structure that she mapped out really opened my eyes to what had been blocking me for so long. It was really cool to physically “level up” through the method and start understanding what has been keeping me small for so long. I was able to manifest a dream vacation for my husband and I (while facing so many roadblocks in the process), as well as FINALLY release stress and pressure I had been holding onto for years, if not DECADES around work and what is really required to earn a living.

I would recommend the program to anyone that has been pivoting through the coaching/healing/manifestation world and seemingly tried EVERYTHING but hasn’t been able to break through specific barriers and see the results they have been looking for


Tessa S.

"Before joining MTSU I was in a cycle of feeling okay with money and then crashing waves of anxiety when expectations weren’t met 

I didn’t feel confident charging my worth and got into a pattern of setting low goals instead of shooting for the dreams I know I want and deserve. I realized a large part of my money anxiety was wrapped into me being afraid of it. Anxious to check my accounts. Feeling guilty for spending money on me.
Now money is my best friend! She always has my back and I treat her with respect. I’m grateful when she comes into my life and I’m grateful for what she helps bring into my life. I no longer attach my value to the numbers in my accounts. I’m not afraid to log in and check accounts, which honestly lets me be so much more smart and mindful about spending.
I shifted my mindset toward bigger goals, knowing that it is possible, followed up with the work and pulled off 2 magic manifesting weekends in a row. Over $2000 in one weekend and over $700 the next. Needless to say this was a HUGE win and breakthrough and the most surprising part is it was FUN. And I think the biggest key is that I decided to hold on to my innate joy. I chose to know and believe in the value in my work and LET GO of fear or doubt in myself. The support this group and Kelly offered propelled me to the next level in my business and honestly personal life in love. Another breakthrough MTSU offered was a BREAKTHROUGH in my romantic relationship. After half a year of stagnation ( from my perception / half of the relationship ) I found the confidence to directly communicate about what I want and need in a partnership. And since then I have been met and we are actually making productive moves toward my dreams. It feels so good to embody abundance!!"


Jasmine B.

if you're someone who...

Trying to become an energetic match to money for a long time, making you frustrated AF & impatient.

Feel totally stuck and stressed, overanalyzing and overthinking how to consistently make & hold more money

Binge all the self development podcasts & listen to the same meditation every morning to ‘raise your vibration’ yet the money/sales aren’t flowing in.

Check your mobile bank account before going out and feel even further away from abundance, spending more money and feeling guilty about it 

Wake up scrolling IG only to feel like life isn’t going your way, feeling not good enough and completely separate from abundance.

And you're looking for REAL strategies backed by science to Manifest your Next $1k in 33 days

MTSU is for you

Has been trying all the manifestation methods for YEARS and nothing seems to be working

Unlimited ABUNDANCE and
limitless MONEY is available to you

...waiting to come in

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered

Is this only for someone who owns a business or wants to start one?

Is this only for someone who owns a business or wants to start one?

Absolutely not. This is for any and all babes who are so over wasting precious time on methods that don't work & trying to figure out manifestation on their own to receive the step by step techniques that provide their desired outcome 10x more quickly!

How long do I have access to the material inside of MTSU?

How long do I have access to the material inside of AAA?

Lifetime, babe! These are modalities and techniques that you will want to implement weekly or daily to maintain the manifestation mindset and continue inviting in more and more good into your life!

How do I know if this is right for me? 

How do I know if this is right for me? 

Babe, you wouldn’t be here right now if this wasn’t an energetic match.
I invite you to tap into your intuition & utilize the biofeedback of your body.
Ask yourself, 'is this a full mind, body, soul f*ck yes?!’ if you feel yourself getting excited, a little nervous, a little scared (fear doesn’t always equate to a no) - that’s your next level inviting you into her frequency. You’re ready to expand & learn HOW to finally Manifest That Sh!t

I have more questions, where can I get those answered?

I have more questions, where can I get those answered?

Please send a DM to kelly @the_badassbabe or email us at hello@kellypender.com

Women in my world have manifested...

💎 $30k salary increase 
💎 unexpected financial windfalls of $1-10k
💎 PIF soul aligned clients 
💎 dream vacations 
 💎 manifested her first home (on her own!) in 2 months!
💎 more money, more time, more freedom

Ready for results like this?! 

Hell YES!