Goal Setting & Soul Alignment Private Coaching 

... for women seeking guidance and clarity to come into alignment with their soul essence

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Have you been feeling stuck? But you're ready to release negative energy that’s blocking you from living in alignment with your soul?!

You don’t know how to bust through the overwhelming feeling of connecting to your soul & following your inner guidance

You aren’t clear on your energetic blocks or how to release them to move forward

You don’t have clarity on your soul calling or soul purpose

Blocks of fear and negative energy are keeping you from attracting what you want 

You need:

Discover the root cause of your energetic blocks to break down barriers and attract your desires + goals

Guidance from your angels, guides + higher Self

Shift limiting beliefs and rewrite new truths

Cut energetic cords from others who are weighing you down to free your spirit and rise into who your soul came here to be

Clarity on your goal/vision so that you can no longer try to do 300 things at once and get to your outcome & desired results 10 x quicker

Here’s your solution! During the 45 min Private Coaching Call, Kelly  will help you to uncover the root cause of your energetic blocks/negative energy, release what is no longer serving you + rewrite new truths that support your goals to embody your soul purpose & soul calling.  With the guidance of a 3 card spread personal Oracle Card Reading.

45 Min Private Soul Alignment Coaching Call Personal Oracle Card Reading

Are you ready to come into alignment with your Soul Essence?

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So you can release negative energy that’s blocking you from living in alignment with your soul..

3 Card Spread Personal Oracle Card Reading

Private Spiritual Life & Success Coaching - Feeling seen, heard & held in your experience

Customized guidance + spiritual suggestions to release energetic blocks

Recorded on Zoom so you can always access & implement Spiritual Guidance

Soul Alignment Session

is for your highest & best

Soulfully aligned action-steps & homework to align with your soul purpose & lead a soul-fulfilled life!

Like you, I had dreams and goals but I didn’t move forward with them because I held myself back. I let comparison from others and negative energy keep me exactly where I was. I was also ashamed of having limiting beliefs and fear hold me back - more times than I can count on one hand. I knew what I wanted to do but I didn’t know HOW to get out of my own way and listen to my inner knowing. I was making “steps” towards my goals and connecting to my inner knowing for MONTHS but I wasn't moving forward and could feel an energetic barrier as well as negative energy surrounding me - with an unsupportive mindset!

It wasn’t until Oracle Cards came my way that I uncovered HOW to receive guidance from my spirit council and learned rituals to release negative energy that wasn't even mine to carry. I also said 'YES' to my soul ascension and committed to my spiritual growth.  Just by shifting my mindset, practicing daily rituals and forgiving past experiences, I have become a magnet to positivity, abundance, happiness, success, freedom - and with my help, you can too!

Let's make your goals your reality + come into harmony with your soul!

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 “I feel like MYSELF again..

I come into Kelly's Community all twisted up every. damn. time. and feel like MYSELF again after every session. I literally see someone different in the mirror and can feel myself walking taller — with my heart fully open — at peace with the now and having shed just one more layer that no longer serves me. I also feel hella stronger since joining The Community in March." - Kelly W. @thekellywhalen

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 “You showed me how to go where my heart takes me and to trust that path, as it is created specially for me...

I always felt connected to something greater, something higher. Old stories, fear, and uncertainty made me look the other way.... so FIRST... it’s like you opened the door for me to explore, learn, and understand.  I feel it’s a part of my self-discovery, uncovering the deepest parts of myself. I know now, what I feel drawn to is meant to be that way. Everything comes down to how I FEEL, because my inner-knowing KNOWS. . I feel I could go into so many more details, stories, “ah-ha” moments. In essence, everything I know, learned, and currently practice is because you lead me here. So so much love, thanks, and good energy. - Nicole @nicolem.fit

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 “Kelly has this truly authentic way of connecting with people.

It has been a long time since I have actively been a part of a social group. Kelly has this truly authentic way of connecting with people. In such a short time I’ve witnessed strangers from all over come together in an honest way and share joy, frustrations, dreams, business etc. on my first live call I felt safe enough to speak on a fear I’ve held onto for so long. If this is just the beginning of the journey with Kelly and the girls, I’m ready!" - Meagan G. @themeaganeleese

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 “I've been able to breakthrough my limiting beliefs...

Kelly creates a safe, magical + loving space for us to express ourselves whether that’s during yoga or the community gatherings! She and the other community babes allow you to feel seen, heard, + supported. I’ve been able to break through my limiting beliefs and take further steps into my highest self with the help of Kelly. I am so grateful for her and I love being a part of the KPY community!" - Haley M. @youryogafairy

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"Kelly inspires us to find our own inner light. 

“I thought: so much of my physical, spiritual and emotional health has been negatively impacted by this pandemic, I am going to do this for myself! What I gained was so much more than I could have imagined. As much as I love the on-demand library, I always try to join Kelly's live classes whenever I can. Somehow she seems to know exactly what my body and my soul need every time. Kelly is insightful and definitely spiritually connected. She leads guided meditations, teaches about the chakras, pulls oracle cards, and inspires us to find our own inner light. That first night that I joined her New Moon ceremony, I was so stunned at the oracle card that she pulled for me and how it spoke to exactly what I had been surprised to be writing about in my journal following her prompts. Kelly connects women, lifts them up and helps them to become the best version of themselves! I am so grateful that she came into my life when she did." - Colleen A.

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 “Kelly has this spark and joy that you gravitate towards and she loves all of her community babes!

I've been part of the KPY community since going into quarantine. I happened to stumble upon Kelly's Instagram page and instantly felt a connection to her and the KPY community! She shares all the same passions and spiritual vibe I value in my own yoga and spiritual practice. She has this spark and joy that you gravitate towards and she loves all of her community babes! She and this community have given me space to explore the depths of my healing journey and I'm so grateful to be part of this tribe." - Amanda R.

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"What I wasn’t prepared for was the fact that I would feel so safe, so secure with these virtual strangers, that I would WANT to open up and share my realizations.

It’s not always easy for me to be vulnerable. In fact, I spend the majority of my day bottling up my own emotions. As a school teacher, I feel like I need to remain stable and strong for the children I teach. So, aside from my closest tribe, I don’t let my walls down very often. This virtual retreat, especially the sharing circle portion, changed that for me. I wasn’t expecting it- I thought, at most, I would have an opportunity for self-reflection. What I wasn’t prepared for was the fact that I would feel so safe, so secure with these virtual strangers, that I would WANT to open up and share my realizations. This community of women is powerful. Their stories are enlightening and inspiring. I would encourage anyone who wants to feel connected, supported, and part of something bigger than themselves to join The Community with KPY." - Nina B.

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