Soul-Aligned Studio

....for women seeking to EXPAND OR BEGIN their PRACTICE AND CONNECTION WITH their HIGHEST SELves THROUGH VIRTUAl YOGA flows, new moon ceremonies + more

welcome to

I know it can feel lonely, isolating, a little lost and ALL THE FEELS when creating the space to move your body and honor your emotions, mind & soul at home. Let’s be can be challenging as fark when you don’t have a soul-guided outlet to support you.
Which is why I created Soul-aligned Studio; An inclusive virtual space where you feel YOU & your soul belongs no matter where you live or what season of life you’re in.
I am proud and honored that my students and BBC members are able to FEEL the energy and love through the screen. Some of my students have even formed long-lasting friendships from virtually practicing together and connecting before/after class!

I'm Kelly.

Hello love!

These aren’t your typical yoga classes. You, of course, are guided through yoga... we also tap into your inner knowing, the Divine Feminine, your inner unique rhythm, your soul wisdom. You find your flow in a way that feels aligned with YOU. That brings you back HOME to your soul. Through soul-aligned flows you will tap into your inner confidence, balance your chakras and rediscover your intuition. 
And we have SO MUCH FUN in class! We talk about oracle card guidance, messages from the moon, astrology, magic feeling into your body/your flow, farts, diva cups and everything that makes us unique! 

My Mission

Join in on the love and learn something new about your Self in The Soul-Aligned Studio inside The BBC!


Power-up Yoga Session:

Soul check in + customized tools to nourish your spirit + fill your cup back up

60 min 1:1 customized yoga flow, movement + mantras designed to accomplish your health/wellness goals

Relax + Wine(d) Down:

Grounding, intuitive yoga with a few juicy yin poses mixed in. This class is designed to release stress/anxiety and to lean into your emotions. We dive into the hips to release old energy that does not belong to you and invite in the new

This is the ultimate self love practice. Wine is welcome :)

Wednesdays @ 6:00pm EST

Self Care SOULFlow:

Invigorating and energizing yoga flow to kick off your Self Care Sunday! We tap into the sacral chakra to awaken your goddess energy and add in balance, a little bit of core work and sprinkle in accessible, fun flighted poses to try! 

Hungover? No problem! You’ll feel amazing afterwards! ;)

Sundays @ 10:00am EST

The Soul-Aligned Studio is only accessible to The BBC Members!

You're invited!

Presented by The BBC Membership

The Next New Moon Ceremony is on Wednesday, April 14th @ 7:30pm - 8:45 pm EST

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If you can't make it live but would like the recording -register for the ceremony & email to let us know you would like the replay!

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Thank You for your Love!

Want the Recording?

New Moon Ceremony + Sisterhood Circle:

Monthly New Moon Ceremonies + Sisterhood Circles:

Attune your mind, body + soul to the energy of the New Moon

Guided Meditation to clear your channels and align your energy to RECEIVE

Journaling Prompts to uncover energetic blocks

Release what is no longer serving you and rewrite new truths to support your visions, goals & intentions

Feel seen, heard + supported in sisterhood on your spiritual journey of growth + expansion

Register Here - $33

The BBC Membership includes all of the live interactive yoga classes, library of over 200 on-demand saved yoga flows + guided meditations, live oracle card readings, EFT Tapping, weekly check-ins and celebrations of your wins, New Moon Ceremonies + Sisterhood soul cleansing circles, community + connections.
Imagine what it would feel like to be in a community with like-minded women to allow you to feel seen, heard and supported on your spiritual journey of growth and expansion to step into your highest self!
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"Kelly inspires us to find our own inner light. 

“I thought: so much of my physical, spiritual and emotional health has been negatively impacted by this pandemic, I am going to do this for myself! What I gained was so much more than I could have imagined. As much as I love the on-demand library, I always try to join Kelly's live classes whenever I can. Somehow she seems to know exactly what my body and my soul need every time. Kelly is insightful and definitely spiritually connected. She leads guided meditations, teaches about the chakras, pulls oracle cards, and inspires us to find our own inner light. That first night that I joined her New Moon ceremony, I was so stunned at the oracle card that she pulled for me and how it spoke to exactly what I had been surprised to be writing about in my journal following her prompts. Kelly connects women, lifts them up and helps them to become the best version of themselves! I am so grateful that she came into my life when she did." - Colleen A.

client love


 “Kelly has this truly authentic way of connecting with people.

It has been a long time since I have actively been a part of a social group. Kelly has this truly authentic way of connecting with people. In such a short time I’ve witnessed strangers from all over come together in an honest way and share joy, frustrations, dreams, business etc. on my first live call I felt safe enough to speak on a fear I’ve held onto for so long. If this is just the beginning of the journey with Kelly and the girls, I’m ready!" - Meagan G.

client love


 “Kelly has this spark and joy that you gravitate towards and she loves all of her community babes!

I've been part of the KPY community since going into quarantine. I happened to stumble upon Kelly's Instagram page and instantly felt a connection to her and the KPY community! She shares all the same passions and spiritual vibe I value in my own yoga and spiritual practice. She has this spark and joy that you gravitate towards and she loves all of her community babes! She and this community have given me space to explore the depths of my healing journey and I'm so grateful to be part of this tribe." - Amanda R.

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"What I wasn’t prepared for was the fact that I would feel so safe, so secure with these virtual strangers, that I would WANT to open up and share my realizations.

It’s not always easy for me to be vulnerable. In fact, I spend the majority of my day bottling up my own emotions. As a school teacher, I feel like I need to remain stable and strong for the children I teach. So, aside from my closest tribe, I don’t let my walls down very often. This virtual retreat, especially the sharing circle portion, changed that for me. I wasn’t expecting it- I thought, at most, I would have an opportunity for self-reflection. What I wasn’t prepared for was the fact that I would feel so safe, so secure with these virtual strangers, that I would WANT to open up and share my realizations. This community of women is powerful. Their stories are enlightening and inspiring. I would encourage anyone who wants to feel connected, supported, and part of something bigger than themselves to join The Community with KPY." - Nina B.

client love


"The Community is truly a wonderful experience to be a part of

Here, I have the opportunity to meet like-minded woman from all over the globe in an intimate environment. Kelly creates a virtual atmosphere that engages us to share our experiences, dreams, and goals with a group of women cheering each other on." - Lisa B.

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The Virtual Retreat is for You if you are…

- Seeking to integrate sustainable self-care rituals into your life
 - Desire a stronger connection to your mind, body + soul
 - Ready to break through limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck
 - Dive deeper into your spiritual journey 
- Connection with like-minded women who get you + uplift you on your journey
- Expanded awareness + lifestyle implementation on chakras, crystals, journaling practices, self care rituals, releases, setting new intentions & the power of angel + oracle cards

Tap into your heart center to release fear, self doubt and receive permission to invite in your true desires for yourself. There is nothing more powerful than creating the space for yourself to move, breathe, share, heal + receive with the support of uplifting women.

Items to bring to the Virtual Yoga Retreat:
 - Favorite crystals  - Journal + Pen - Essential Oils - Tea + Water - Yoga Mat  - Fave Meditation Essentials - Your beautiful self 

EARLY BIRD PRICING $47.00 for The Virtual Retreat
After 4/23 Price is $97.00
Only 7 spaces available!

FREE for BBC Members - Spiritual Ascension Level.

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