Join me in Colombia for a Yoga Retreat!

Empower Your Path

Inspiring your true purpose, true sense of self, and empowering your unique path.

  • Private Yoga

    Experience one-on-one sessions in a quiet studio or the comfort of your own home.


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  • Group Yoga

    Available for indoor or outdoor group sessions. 

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  • SUP Yoga

    Whether you're new to yoga or are an avid practitioner, come play!  Feel the water below you, support you and your practice. SUP yoga is fun, adventurous, and  acessible for all levels.

  • Corporate Wellness
    Invite yoga to your workplace! There are many benefits to corporate wellness programs. Provide your employees with an in-office yoga session today!
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Practice with Kelly
In the comfort of your own home!

Flexibility & Mobility Video Bundle

In this program, you will work through a series of six videos to gain full body flexibility and mobility. Each video targets a key part of the body – from the shoulders, chest and spine, to the wrists, hips, hamstrings and more. Each video is uniquely designed for you to first learn a series of poses and exercises that target either flexibility and/or mobility in a specific area of the body. Then you'll practice yoga poses that are meant to help you gauge your progress.

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Upcoming Events!

Join me in Paradise for a Yoga Retreat!

January 8 -13 || Soul & Surf Nicaragua Yoga Retreat - BOOK NOW!

November 13-18
|| Self-Realization + Empowerment Colombia Yoga Retreat- SOLD OUT! 

 July 24-29 || Self-Realization + Empowerment Colombia Yoga Retreat- SOLD OUT!

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