where money & abundance are inevitable side effects to your ENERGETIC FREQUENCY
...without the hustle

Abundant AF 


when it comes to abundance

You haven’t been doing anything wrong...
Your underlying energetic frequencies have just been attuned to fear-based resistance around your ability to receive. 

& if what you have been doing  isn't allowing you to FEEL into your innate abundance...

it's time to unsubscribe from scarcity

& tap into the flow of money & abundance
that's been desiring to support you as much as you desire it

for the woman who...

Desires abundance to come easily but doesn’t know how to tap into the flow 

Ready to stop worrying about money 

Feels stuck in a cycle of lack and scarcity but doesn’t know how to break free

Ready to believe that money loves to support her but doesn't know how to remove that energetic barrier of resistance

Knows abundance is meant to be light and easeful instead of hard af, but doesn’t know where to begin 

She knows it’s her birthright to have more money, fun, love & freedom in her life!

is tired of endlessly trying & not trusting because she knows she’s in a self perpetuating cycle of resistance to abundance 
And she sure as hell knows she’s meant for more

your new reality

you are abundant af

this is where you will be...

Consistently TAPPED into the flow of abundance (no more tapped in & tapped out) because you simply recalibrated your energetic frequency with my signature method  

Feels SAFE receiving, having and compounding wealth - you are UNAPOLOGETIC in the abundance you continuously accept into your life. (You no longer feel bad about the abundance you create, it’s your new norm and it feels as easy as taking a deep breath.)  

Created a HEALTHY relationship with money; you are loved, appreciated & supported by money and know that there's absolutely NOTHING you could do to stop it.  

You pop kombucha on the reg to celebrate all the abundance & prosperity you openly receive with ease (especially those unexpected windfalls of money in your sleep!)  

Knows the more fun & play you prioritize, the more money you make (when you used to think this was only for other people! IT’S YOU, BOO…Welcome to your new reality!) 

You have removed all energetic barriers & blocks and now ACCEPT money, prosperity & abundance into all areas of your life. You’re a freaking magnet!

This feels so natural and so RIGHT to you.

Enter into...

This isn’t a course to teach you to amplify your abundance someday

…it's The Aligned Process to integrate & embody the energetic codes of abundance to
step into your inherent wealth + limitless prosperity NOW.

It’s a way of being
This academy is going to massively transform & expand all areas of your life.

Abundant AF

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next round opens late summer

Instant access to 4 prework modules & training on energetic frequency attunement

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The Academy


Prework Module 1: Your Energy is the Leading factor to innate abundance (& goes beyond your mind)
Prework Module 2: Increase your Magnetism, increase abundance
Prework Module 3: Release the pressure & force. Aura Contractions vs. Aura Expanders
Prework Module 4: Perception Shift. Abundance is not Separate from you


4 Training Sessions (INSTANT access AND with homework for each module to more deeply integrate & embody the codes!) 

Module 1: Breaking free from fear of failure, Activating your Innate Abundance & Setting Energetic Foundations
Module 2: Magnetic Mindset & The Key to Abundance
Module 3: Money Relationship Rewiring
Module 4: Portal for Receiving & Integration

LIFETIME access to the library of modules & content


LIVE Welcome Call & Meditation
TWO Live Q & A Sessions with high-level hotseat mindset coaching


BONUS Abundant AF Hypnosis - Integrating your new magnetism codes & frequency into your subconscious to consciously live & lead your life as an abundant af woman. 

BONUS Morning Magnetism - recommended reading list & audio


Lifetime access to ALL content & calls (meaning each time we open up The Abundant Af Academy and update the library you will be able to access! That’s f*cking cool!)

What makes The Academy different?

In this program, you learn to BE the frequency of abundance.
To clean up energetic leaks in your life, to be able to hold more.
To live & lead your life from an energetic state of knowing that the frequency you operate at is more powerful than anything you could DO.

Investing in The academy is your solution

All you were doing was following an old strategy of ‘shoulds’ without having the energetic frequency to hold you.

F*ck adding more to your to-do list.

In this container you get to BECOME.

You get to choose to be & feel abundant NOW. 

"Before joining AAA I was in a cycle of feeling okay with money and then crashing waves of anxiety when expectations weren’t met 

I didn’t feel confident charging my worth and got into a pattern of setting low goals instead of shooting for the dreams I know I want and deserve. I realized a large part of my money anxiety was wrapped into me being afraid of it. Anxious to check my accounts. Feeling guilty for spending money on me.
Now money is my best friend! She always has my back and I treat her with respect. I’m grateful when she comes into my life and I’m grateful for what she helps bring into my life. I no longer attach my value to the numbers in my accounts. I’m not afraid to log in and check accounts, which honestly lets me be so much more smart and mindful about spending.
I shifted my mindset toward bigger goals, knowing that it is possible, followed up with the work and pulled off 2 magic manifesting weekends in a row. Over $2000 in one weekend and over $700 the next. Needless to say this was a HUGE win and breakthrough and the most surprising part is it was FUN. And I think the biggest key is that I decided to hold on to my innate joy. I chose to know and believe in the value in my work and LET GO of fear or doubt in myself. The support this group and Kelly offered propelled me to the next level in my business and honestly personal life in love. Another breakthrough the AAA offered was a BREAKTHROUGH in my romantic relationship. After half a year of stagnation ( from my perception / half of the relationship ) I found the confidence to directly communicate about what I want and need in a partnership. And since then I have been met and we are actually making productive moves toward my dreams. It feels so good to embody abundance!!"


Jasmine B.

Shout out to the AAA it was a game changer for me. I have been on a spiritual journey for sometime and feel blessed to have found Kelly and her teachings through the academy.

Before joining the Academy, I struggled with not being kind to myself or knowing my worth.
At times not being nice to others around me. Some days I was feeling great and others not so much.

In the Academy, Kelly helped me take a look at where in my life I was making things hard and also collapsing my aura. Learning about energetic codes and creating new neural pathways was one of my favorite parts of the academy.
Turning old beliefs into new beliefs. Walk a new path of abundance and create a new trail. Doing frequency work and prioritizing myself. Starting my day with new frequency and energy. Waking up and setting new intentions and being grateful. FEELING F’ing GOOD IN MY BODY!!

I enjoyed the homework that goes along with the modules. This helps yourself dive a little deeper into understanding and learning how to do the work into feeling good and becoming a magnet for abundance in your life. Thank you Kelly for believing in me and for helping others learn how to lean in and feel good. For creating a safe place to feel like you are not alone and for your kindness, support and love. If you are feeling called to feeling F’ing good this academy is for you! 


Amy B.

I'm Kelly!

I was constantly DOing, pushing, forcing & trying to become abundant.
I was seeking, searching, waiting for the money to come into my life.
I was so focused on the damn money.
There were months in my business when I would make close to 10k and then other months when it was so low I felt myself go back into old cycles of struggle, scarcity and lack.
Little did I know that the energy of ‘trying’ placed me in resistance to everything that I desired.
I learned these were energetic leaks. I was energetically placing my power outside of myself.
I discovered my energetic foundation was attuned to lack, struggle, never enough & low self worth.

Hey babe!

And I want to show you how.

I uncovered a deeply rooted money story where when I was young, I heard my Dad say, “oh he’s a rich asshole.”
That phrase lingered in my subconscious where I made the limiting decision that ‘being wealthy will make me an asshole and no one will like me.’  So it’s safe for me to just get by. It’s safe for me to make just enough money to get by because that way I can guarantee I am a good person.
That became my TRUTH for YEARS.
I worked on my money mindset & energetics. I had ups and downs, energetic dips, minimums and maximums… you name it.

And then. Right before I gave birth I had my most abundant month in my business ($11k), I didn’t DO anything actually I did less (which was SO different for me and for my old mindset)
Since learning more and more about energetics, money mindset & manifestation - it has only expanded. It’s an energetic frequency & an entirely new way of being that massively transformed my life. 
It is so fucking powerful & life changing that I knew I had to share with more women who are tired of pushing for more money and not trusting in their innate abundance. 
I unlocked the energetic code and opened up the power portal to receiving.

Through the integration of energetics, manifestation principles & money mindset, my entire reality has shifted, my clients lives have transformed.

Women in my energy have created...

💎 3 new clients came their way within a one week span simply by showing up in her magnetism!

💎 Bought their first house within 2 months of manifesting it! 

💎 Received $30k/year salary increase 

💎 Job promotions with
more money & more time with family! 

💎 Called in their soul-nourishing relationship.

💎 An entirely new relationship & mindset with their body & self worth

This is the one and only program of it's kind!
The trifecta of energetics, money mindset & manifestation principles to become abundant af in all areas of your life

How do you know Abundant AF Academy is for you?

Babe, you wouldn’t be here right now if this wasn’t an energetic match.
I invite you to tap into your intuition & utilize the biofeedback of your body.
Ask yourself, 'is this a full mind, body, soul f*ck yes?!’ if you feel yourself getting excited, a little nervous, a little scared (fear doesn’t always equate to a no) - that’s your next level inviting you into her frequency. You’re ready to expand.

this will become your new reality

My signature Abundant AF Academy is going to transform all areas of your life - like it has changed mine!
& here's why..
If we are pushing, forcing, trying to make something happen…
our aura collapses.
We enter into resistance to the abundance that is innate to us and WANTS to come in to all areas of our lives.
It’s time to clean up those energetic leaks
It’s time to enter into the power portal of receiving
It all starts with an energetic decision
It starts with you creating a solid energetic foundation to hold the abundance you desire for yourself.
It doesn’t have to be hard anymore
You no longer have to struggle
You no longer have to be in the frequency of lack, the what-ifs, shoulds & not enough, kelly.
The moment I decided to feel F’ing good
And stopped allowing my external circumstances (bank account, relationships, job/career, sales, etc.) to have control over me…
I shifted my energetic state, my aura expanded, my magnetism increased
Money & abundance became an inevitable side effect to my magnetism.

In the Academy, You're not going to just learn...
you will integrate & embody

Activate the energetic codes of abundance so you can operate at the abundant af frequency (rather than the broke b*tch frequency)

Breakthrough barriers of conditioned abundance and step into your innate abundance, wealth & worth

Dismantle fear-based beliefs, pressure, and lack mindset so you can EASILY accept money, prosperity & abundance FLOWS into all areas of your life

Money Relationship Rewiring - time to get intimate with money & feel f’ing good in the presence of money

Energetic Management aka finally be done with feeling tapped in and out of abundance, worrying about money and creating energetic leaks 

and I am going to teach you exactly how to increase your magnetism where abundance & money become an inevitable side effect

You get to Live a life so full of abundance, love, wealth and unapologetic self expression. 
Because you are so tapped into your self worth. 
Your magnetism attracts money & manifestations while you sleep.
You feel powerful, playful & lit the F up in who you are
Or you can keep pushing, forcing, staying energetically subscribed to struggle, scarcity & lack.
Let’s hit the unsubscribe button and step into your abundant af frequency & life NOW.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered

Is this only for someone who owns a business or wants to start one?

Is this only for someone who owns a business or wants to start one?

Absolutely not. This is for any and all souls who are tired of endlessly trying & not trusting because you know you’re meant for something more are SO ready to step out of a self perpetuating cycle of resistance to abundance & step into accepting abundance in all forms. 

How long do I have access to the material inside of AAA?

How long do I have access to the material inside of AAA?

Lifetime, babe! These are concepts and principles that you will want to listen to weekly or daily to maintain the embodiment and integration to plug deeper and deeper into your innate abundance.

How do I know if this is right for me? 

How do I know if this is right for me? 

Babe, you wouldn’t be here right now if this wasn’t an energetic match.
I invite you to tap into your intuition & utilize the biofeedback of your body.
Ask yourself, 'is this a full mind, body, soul f*ck yes?!’ if you feel yourself getting excited, a little nervous, a little scared (fear doesn’t always equate to a no) - that’s your next level inviting you into her frequency. You’re ready to expand.

When is the last day to sign up?

When is the last day to sign up?

April 24th @ 11:59 pm the day before we begin with our live sessions!

What time are the calls? What happens if I can’t make the calls?

What time are the calls? What happens if I can’t make the calls?

The live Q+A group coaching calls will be announced in the group.
All live Q+A calls will be recorded and uploaded to the course portal so you can tune in anytime!

I have more questions, where can I get those answered?

I have more questions, where can I get those answered?

Please send a DM to kelly @the_badassbabe or email us at hello@kellypender.com