where money & abundance are inevitable side effects to your ENERGETIC FREQUENCY
...without the hustle

Abundant AF 


when it comes to abundance

You haven’t been doing anything wrong...
Your underlying energetic frequencies have just been attuned to lack-based resistance around your ability to receive MORE. 

& if what you have been doing  isn't allowing you to FEEL into your innate abundance...

it's time to unsubscribe from scarcity

& tap into the flow of money & abundance
that's been desiring to support you as much as you desire it

for the woman who...

Desires abundance to come easily but doesn’t know how to tap into the flow 

Ready to stop worrying about money 

Feels stuck in a cycle of lack and scarcity but doesn’t know how to break free

Ready to believe that money loves to support her but doesn't know how to remove that energetic barrier of resistance

Knows abundance is meant to be light and easeful instead of hard af, but doesn’t know where to begin 

She knows it’s her birthright to have more money, fun, prosperity & freedom in her life!

is tired of endlessly trying & not trusting because she knows she’s in a self perpetuating cycle of resistance to abundance 
And she sure as hell knows she’s meant for more

your new reality

you are abundant af

this is where you will be...

Consistently TAPPED into the flow of abundance (no more tapped in & tapped out) because you simply recalibrated your energetic frequency with my signature method  

Feels SAFE receiving, having and compounding wealth - you are UNAPOLOGETIC in the abundance you continuously accept into your life. (You no longer feel bad about the abundance you create, it’s your new norm and it feels as easy as taking a deep breath.)  

Created a HEALTHY relationship with money; you are loved, appreciated & supported by money and know that there's absolutely NOTHING you could do to stop it.  

You pop kombucha on the reg to celebrate all the abundance & prosperity you openly receive with ease (especially those unexpected windfalls of money in your sleep!)  

Knows the more fun & play you prioritize, the more money you make (when you used to think this was only for other people! IT’S YOU, BOO…Welcome to your new reality!) 

You have removed all energetic barriers & blocks and now ACCEPT money, prosperity & abundance into all areas of your life. You’re a freaking magnet!

This feels so natural and so RIGHT to you.

Enter into...

This isn’t a course to teach you to amplify your abundance someday

…it's The Aligned Process to integrate & embody the energetic codes of abundance to
step into your inherent wealth + limitless prosperity NOW.

It’s a way of being
This academy is going to massively transform & expand all areas of your life.

Abundant AF


Now inside MTSU

You get to Live a life so full of abundance, love, wealth and unapologetic self expression. 
Because you are so tapped into your self worth. 
Your magnetism attracts money & manifestations while you sleep.
You feel powerful, playful & lit the F up in who you are
Or you can keep pushing, forcing, staying energetically subscribed to struggle, scarcity & lack.
Let’s hit the unsubscribe button and step into your abundant af frequency & life NOW.