Are you ready to BECOME the most confident, abundant & successful VERSION of yourself?!

Becoming an energetic match to money and receiving unexpected windfalls of $$$ right into your bank account and/or hands

Massively shifting your relationship to self worth, believing in yourself, upping your value and in turn, increasing your income.

Showing up as your unapologetic self and confidently sharing your gifts + skills with ease and excitement -> attracting soul-aligned opportunities

Accepting your true self and releasing anxiety around what others think of you. aka owning who the fuck you are and who you came here to be.

Can you imagine...

I have just the thing


The Badass Babe Tapping Bundle is designed to release any resistance around your worth so you can enter into a new paradigm to accept and receive, wealth, abundance, freedom & success in your life! 


The Badass Babe Tapping



Abundance Attractor 
Confident Queen
Worthy AF 

Included in the bundle: 

PLUS bonuses to amplify your ability to receive abundance & blessings on autopilot!

Doubting ourselves to confidently sharing our magic & soul gifts with ease.

Scarcity mode to always being supported by money.

Riding the waves of fear to stepping into our worth and showing up as the fearless MAGNETIC badass babe that we were born to be,

Anxiety provoking thoughts to accepting our true selves UNAPOLOGETICALLY!

Myself, my clients & BBC members have went from...

How??? (You may be asking....)

This is my absolute FAVORITE tool to acknowledge and release any negative emotions tied to money, worthiness, happiness and success.

EFT Tapping, babe!

Tapping quickly & easily shifts and raises your vibrations to become an ENERGETIC MATCH to your desires & manifestations.

It builds & expands on the foundation to who you are and who the fuck you came here to be.

This is THE mindset hack that changed my life

it's gonna change yours too!

start tapping now!

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Attract abundance, wealth & prosperity with ease!

Confidently share your authentic, unapologetic self and boldly take up space!

Believe how valuable AND deserving you are of everything that you are CAPABLE of creating for yourself!

The Tapping Bundle will allow you to...

Lifetime access!

Many of our subconscious beliefs and patterns were picked up from our environment. You can choose to shift them by reading, writing, saying & believing these positive affirmations to shift your subconscious and move forward with a belief that serves you!

66 life-changing affirmations
($77 value)


Similar to hypnosis, this quick & effective self worth affirming manifesto shifts negative subconscious patterns tied to abundance, success & happiness into a new success embodiment conscious mindset. The subliminal audio will ultimately become your new truth!

Badass Babe Manifesto
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The bonuses

Let's not forget about

(worth over $222)

This is my ultimate money spell to speak and stir into your morning elixir to easily & effortlessly attract money. It teaches you how to let go of control and trust in what wants to come into your life to support you.

magic money spell
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I'm Kelly!

Vibrant leo queen who shines a light on women's unique gifts, Mindset + Success Coach, Founder of The BBC; Spiritual Self Discovery Membership and notorious advocator of ‘laying the fark down!’
I wasn't always this high-vibe...I was the queen of self sabotage. I was literally putting blinders on to how F'ing capable I am of creating the life of my dreams and sharing my magic with the world. I lived this way for a good long while until I realized, I've been doing the same damn thing and haven't been receiving the abundance, success and confidence I've been calling in for myself so it's time to do something different! I became certified in life coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP practitioner and EFT Tapping and let me tell you...the tools that I have acquired in my toolbelt have been LIFE CHANGING!
I'm sharing my secret to becoming worthy af
I’ve created the BEST Tapping bundle of all time!
One that embodies and energetically supports your version of unstoppable success, abundance + magic.

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TRUTH BOMB: You have everything you need to transform your mindset & ability to RECEIVE. Any resistance or old beliefs that may be blocking you… it’s because you decided to believe them to be true for yourself.