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Badass Babe 

I'm Kelly

I’m a Yoga Teacher of 9 years turned Spiritual Mindset Coach who has worked with 100’s of women to help them create an unstoppable mindset, energetically embody their inevitable success & live UNAPOLOGETIC.
Founder of The Badass Babe Community; Spiritual Self Discovery Membership and Badass Babe Oracle podcast host.

From being trapped in victim-mode, a perpetual state of people pleasing and self doubt; I shifted my mindset, tapped into my inherent worth and energetically embodied the desire of my new reality.
I hit ‘unsubscribe’ from struggle, lack & scarcity and decided I was in control of how I want to feel.
From this personal power, I began to show up in a way that felt light, fun, playful & free!
I decided to see myself, my value and magic and expressed my unapologetic self with ease.
I teach women to live & lead their life from this energetic foundation.

Hi, babe!

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The Badass Babe Community


 “Investing in the Mindset Success Program for my SELF was like saying YES to me, finally.

Before being guided by Kelly in this program, I was struggling to find balance in my life and not able to show up feeling whole. Kelly guided me through some major emotional, physical and mental blockages that were severely holding me back and leaving me in a state of lack - I’ve gained the tools to shift into choice rather than circumstance and the goal we developed together has become my reality, regardless if I am not feeling my best all the time. Before it felt so hard and scary to think about healing from trauma and saying things out loud, and Kelly made it easy and safe." - Mariah Y.

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"I feel like myself again..

I come into Kelly's Badass Babe Community all twisted up every. damn. time. and feel like MYSELF again after every session. I literally see someone different in the mirror and can feel myself walking taller — with my heart fully open — at peace with the now and having shed just one more layer that no longer serves me. I also feel hella stronger since joining The BBC last year." - Kelly Whalen @thekellywhalen 

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"If you feel stuck and unsure how or where to start to release your blocks, Kelly Pender is who you need to see!

Working with Kelly in her NLP Mindset + Success Coaching + Customized Hypnosis session was unbelievable. I am so grateful that I found Kelly and I can honestly say I don’t know where I would be without her guidance today. Kelly helped me uncover anchors holding me back and slowing me down that I didn’t even consciously know were there. Her life coaching is so powerful and incredibly liberating. Kelly helped me identity when and where old thought patterns came from and how to rewrite that story. She shared her immense wisdom and inspiration with me, which really helped me to tap into my source and own inspiration. It was so powerful! - Hailey G.

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"Working with Kelly was the best thing I ever did for my business!

because of the way she seamlessly helped me refocus, assisted me in gaining the momentum I was lacking, and was continuously there when I needed extra support. When we began working together I felt completely overwhelmed with the direction I was heading in my business, and she instead helped me feel more aligned with not just my ideal clients and goals, but also my purpose. Not only that, but any meeting with Kelly was like a chat with a close girlfriend which helped the growth feel natural and fun! I cannot recommend enough opportunities to work together with her!" - Emily S.L. @wellxwmn

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"You showed me how to go where my heart takes me + to trust that path...

I always felt connected to something greater, something higher. Old stories, fear, and uncertainty made me look the other way.... so FIRST... it’s like you opened the door for me to explore, learn, and understand. I feel it’s a part of my self-discovery, uncovering the deepest parts of myself. I know now, what I feel drawn to is meant to be that way. Everything comes down to how I FEEL, because my inner-knowing KNOWS. . I feel I could go into so many more details, stories, “ah-ha” moments. In essence, everything I know, learned, and currently practice is because you lead me here. So so much love, thanks, and good energy. - Nicole

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