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Up-level your biz, soul + yoga practice


Kelly Pender is the bridge from your yoga practice to providing you with self-refection tools + sacred rituals to awaken your Higher Self and bring HER into form.
Weave your unique soul essence into your business & life to light up the world.
Together, let's release fear + embrace your purpose + power!

Obsessed with empowering badass women to build the foundation to their business + life that not only aligns with their essence, showcases their gifts in a powerful + prosperous way, but also impacts the world!


Hi, I'm

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An online marketplace for Yoga and wellness experts to up-level their online biz + create soulful brands that attract.


Build your you brand

Crystallize your messaging as a Yoga Teacher or Wellness Expert and learn how to craft a brand that embodies YOUR true magic. 


Convert & Connect

Learn how to harness your inner magic when it comes to Instagram, Social Media engagement while serving your Tribe in a powerful way!



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Meditations + E-Book

awaken your inner
badass babe

Release Self Doubt, Fear + Old Habits that are keeping you stuck with 3 Guided Meditations to step into your Higher Self + Sacred Rituals to awaken your inner Badass Babe


"She is an amazing accountability buddy whose knowledge, support and intuition were integral to getting my wellness marketing business up and running 

Kelly was an absolute joy to work with. She is an amazing accountability buddy whose knowledge, support and intuition were integral to getting my wellness marketing business up and running. I know I grew A TON both personally and professionally in the 12 weeks we worked together. I don’t know where my business would be if Kelly wasn’t there to help me clarify my vision and build the foundation. If you have the opportunity to work with Kelly, say YES to yourself and your business. I guarantee you won’t regret it - Meghan G.

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"Working with Kelly was one of the best decisions I could've made for my business

She was able to help me break through my limiting beliefs that were holding me back. She made things so easy and accessible for me. Kelly helped me to quit making excuses and get sh*t done. I don't know where I would be right now if I hadn't invested in myself with the 12-week mentorship experience. I was able to get my website up and running, identify my ideal clients, created my signature program and offerings based off of my expertise, host my first online LIVE event, create my business cards, landed a new teaching job, and most importantly feel confident about my business and my unique gifts/talents. - Chanel S.

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"The accountability has been everything. She also has me dreaming bigger than I ever would have on my own, truly!

Working with Kelly has been amazing! I am completely happy that I brought her onboard to help me start my yoga business. The accountability has been everything. She also has me dreaming bigger than I ever would have on my own, truly! The amount of help I was able to receive on things outside of my wheelhouse like social media, website, general tech stuff was invaluable! Previously that felt like a BIG roadblock, but I’ve gained a lot of confidence in those areas working with Kelly. I am SO glad that I took the leap of faith to hire Kelly! - Annie H.

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"Kelly and I immediately connected on a soul level!

She asked such curious and direct questions to really get me thinking about the message I wanted to share with others and who I wanted to work with. Offering tangible “what’s next” steps, she created accountability for me so that I don’t fall into the procrastination trap that I would have if I was working solo. Her brain is the perfect compliment to mine, and I felt so supported and heard throughout our entire call. I cannot wait to see what we create over the next three months!" - Vanessa P.

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"She helped me to realize who my ideal client is and why!

I approached Kelly with questions about refining what I offer and how to include all the important information into my website. She is an absolute pleasure to work with. I committed to the 90 minute intensive call with her and she was kind enough to go a few minutes past the 90 minutes when we didn't reach all of my inquiries. She helped me to realize who my ideal client is and why. I felt so empowered after our phone call and started adding all that I learned into my website! I'm looking forward to working with her again in the near future! - Kristen P.

client love


Thank you a million times over Kelly, it was meant to be for us to work together and I could not be more grateful.

I have been following Kelly's work for years and had the pleasure of watching her build her own business. Seeing how successful she made herself, I couldn't help but sign up when she started offering 1:1 coaching because I knew she had the secrets to success that I would need for my own business. Well not only has she already met/exceeded my expectations after just one call but lucky for me, we still have two more months of working together! I genuinely feel like this was the best step I could have taken for my future and know that not only is she worth the investment but I AM WORTH IT! - Audrey W.

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The Virtual Retreat is for You if you are…

- Seeking to integrate sustainable self-care rituals into your life
 - Desire a stronger connection to your mind, body + soul
 - Ready to break through limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck
 - Dive deeper into your spiritual journey 
- Connection with like-minded women who get you + uplift you on your journey
- Expanded awareness + lifestyle implementation on chakras, crystals, journaling practices, self care rituals, releases, setting new intentions & the power of angel + oracle cards

Tap into your heart center to release fear, self doubt and receive permission to invite in your true desires for yourself. There is nothing more powerful than creating the space for yourself to move, breathe, share, heal + receive with the support of uplifting women.

Items to bring to the Virtual Yoga Retreat:
 - Favorite crystals  - Journal + Pen - Essential Oils - Tea + Water - Yoga Mat  - Fave Meditation Essentials - Your beautiful self 

 $37.50 for The Virtual Retreat - Only 11 spaces available!
 FREE for members of The KPY Community.

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