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EFT Tapping Training

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...for coaches, healers, therapists, intuitives & lightworkers 


and make an even greater IMPACT on the world?!

When to weave tapping sessions in with your clients 

How to create custom tapping sessions with your clients 

How to add EFT into your business, programs and/or online courses

How to lead successful EFT tapping sessions with your clients from start to finish 

Complete understanding of EFT and how it works  - the science, structure & strategy 


In this training you will receive:

Tapping Scripts ranging from (manifestation, trauma and safety work, receiving money, confidence, loving relationships & leadership) to utilize in your sessions! 

LIFETIME ACCESS to all materials! (meaning each time we run this training, you will be able to access new materials!)

Mentorship & guidance from Kelly - 3+ years experience as an EFT Tapping Practitioner


EFT Tapping training

I am so in!!

The Training for coaches, healers, therapists, intuitives & lightworkers to Integrate into your sessions or teachings to strengthen the goals of your clients and enhance their lives quickly & effectively.

Let's not forget about the BONUSES!

Hypnosis to Step out of Your Comfort Zone (Value: $188) 

EFT Tapping Sessions on Leadership, Unf*ckwithable Self Worth, Manifesting Clients (Value $155)




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one time payment


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"I would recommend this training to anyone looking to deepen their understanding of EFT tapping, meridians, mindset, or to practitioners seeking to expand their skillset and deepen their already existing offers. 
Adding this tool to my wheelhouse has already proven valuable.
Highly recommend, worth MORE than the price of tuition! 

After taking part in Kelly Pender’s EFT Tapping challenge, I decided that I wanted to expand my understanding of the technique and implement it into my established practice. 
From participating in her challenge, I could sense that Kelly was studied and approached her work in a “playfully serious” manner, which I respect, so I chose to train with her opposed to others in the industry. 
Not only was she responsive, kind, encouraging, and humble during the training, she was incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. She provided background, context, science, history, technique, mechanics, and style of the method along with useful tools such as how to implement it in your business, the structure of a session, and how to customize for 1:1 clients. She even reviewed one of my videos and provided constructive feed back, adding more depth and value to my sessions. 
I immediately began implementing the EFT tapping into my group and private sessions and witnessed major energetic shifts in my clients! On average, they report feeling more confident, grounded, empowered, inspired, and joyful after these sessions, which is a significant step in improving their quality of life! Win win win win win! 
I found that EFT tapping is a GREAT tool to use to help move stagnant energy quickly and effectively. It is particularly effective for clients to have quick, scattered, swirling, or anxious thought patterns and find it hard to focus during traditional meditation (or in general)!
Something that should be honored is how Kelly shows up for her students. I have collaborated and worked with many other coaches, healers, and teachers in the industry and her responsiveness, genuine authenticity, and commitment to “show up” exceeds expectations by leaps and bounds. The “show up” factor is HUGE with Kelly and sets her apart from others in the industry. This may be subtle and not easily advertised, but is an incredibly valuable factor to consider when contemplating taking a training. I never once felt lost, left hangin’, or that I was bothering her with questions. This speaks not only to her professionally but to her integrity as a person."

Jennifer Dodgson, Founder Feral Yogi

Meet your bold leader, Kelly

Your energetic permission slip for you to step into who you authentically are and who the f*ck you came here to be.
I’m a certified Life & Success Coach, Neural Energetic Wiring Practitioner, EFT Practitioner, and Hypnotherapist.

I used to look outside of myself for all of the answers, the right next step, the correct move to make (according to someone else’s blueprint). Little did I know I was energetically leaking my POWER and placing my self worth in the hands of others. 
No wonder why I felt like nothing was working and I didn’t know what I was doing with my life?!

I was living out of alignment. I forgot how powerful I truly am and shut down my magic and unique gifts of serving the world in the process. 

Until I dove deep into energetics, manifestation principles and mindset modalities.

I learned first hand that being plugged into your power and living in alignment with YOU turns the Universal flow the f*ck on and has you saying, “f*ck yes! I manifested that!” 

Becoming solid in my SELF…my life massively up-leveled in all areas. 

As well as my clients lives! 

One of the tools that has allowed this transformation for not only myself but also 100's of my clients and students is EFT Tapping. 

I've been leading EFT Tapping Sessions for 3 years now and create custom tapping sessions for my clients. 
The results are INSANE!!

This tool is so powerful, I believe every coach, healer, therapist, intuitive & lightworker can add this into their tool box to provide an even GREATER impact with their clients and students!

Which is exactly what I will be training you on inside EXPAND!

It's your time to make an even greater IMPACT on the world!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered

How long do I have access to the content inside of EXPAND?

How long do I have access to the content inside of expand?

LIFETIME ACCESS, babe! So you can always come back to again and again!! That includes the training, all bonuses, scripts, tapping sessions & bonuses inside! Because that's how I roll!

is this training live or recorded?

Is this training live or prerecorded?

The EFT Training is recorded from our previous in-depth live training session to answer all of your questions in real-time! You have lifetime access to the 2.5 hour training to come back to again and again! As well as Kelly as your EFT Tapping mentor :)

is this a certification program?

Is this a certification program?

Inside this training, I am teaching you EVERYTHING I learned inside my EFT Tapping Practitioner Certification PLUS more techniques that I have learned and integrated over the past 3 years in my tapping sessions. You'll be more equipped and ready to lead successful tapping sessions than I was when I first started out, which is my goal :)

After this course, you will be trained in EFT Tapping with the Badass Babe stamp of approval & receive a certification of completion!

If you desire to call yourself an EFT Tapping Practitioner, that is entirely up to you.

I have more questions, where can I get those answered?

I have more questions, where can I get those answered?

Please send a DM to kelly @the_badassbabe or email us at hello@kellypender.com