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F YES Manifest!

In this powerful masterclass, you will learn & embody: 

What energetic frequencies are closing your aura and limiting your capacity to receive

The state of being that allows your manifestations into your reality with ease

EFT Tapping to release negative emotions tied to your desires and shift your energetic field into accepting  & receiving more good into your life!

Soulful Guided meditation to become an energetic match to your manifestations (THIS is everything)

Join the Magic!


I'm Kelly!

I'm a Leo mama who teaches women how to live UNAPOLOGETIC, Spiritual Mindset + Success Coach, Founder of The BBC; Spiritual Self Development Hub & host of The Badass Babe Oracle Podcast. 
I wasn't always this radiant...I was the queen of self sabotage. I was literally putting blinders on to how F'ing capable I was of creating the life of my dreams and sharing my magic with the world. I lived this way for a good long while until I realized, I've been doing the same damn thing and haven't been receiving the abundance, success and confidence I've been calling in for myself...so it's time to do something different!
I became certified in life coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP practitioner and EFT Tapping. Let me tell you...the tools that I have acquired in my toolbelt have been LIFE CHANGING!
I have manifested my soul-supportive partner of 12 years, our first home, my vision board car, soul-aligned business, my earth side son, unexpected windfalls of money & so much more.
I'm sharing my secrets to feel  worthy AF and energetically EMBODY the desire of your new reality... 
where you say, 'holy sh*t!! I just manifested that?!'

Hey babe!