Custom Hypnosis

Reprogram your subconscious mind to operate in a way that supports you in ACCEPTING your success, confidence, wealth & fulfillment in one single session .



If you find yourself resisting change, breaking habits and overcoming addiction, hypnosis is your answer.

You're tired of feeling unworthy of your goals & success and feelings around not being enough 

You're not moving forward in resources you know would be helpful for you because you are being your own barrier

You've tried journaling for a bit and positive affirmations  but you're not seeing the results 

You are ready for a new experience and are in the exact same spot you were 6 months ago, 1 year ago, 5 years ago and nothing seems to be working...

You need:

Create new neural pathways in your mind to easily accept abundance, wealth and confidence to magnetize your desires + goals

Speak directly to your subconscious mind so you can start to operate in a way that supports you in being successful

A safe space and coach/hypnotherapist who can support you during your radical mindset up-level

Clarity on your goal/vision so that you can no longer try to do 300 things at once and get to your outcome & desired results 10 x quicker

here's your solution! 
you can stay exactly where you are or you can schedule your custom hypnosis + life coaching session to make powerful shifts in your subconscious mind to make you more motivated, more energetic and do what tou truly want to do without procrastination & resistance 

private custom hypnosis session

held 1:1 with kelly virtually over zoom

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Once you complete payment, you will receive Kelly's calendar to book your Hypnosis Session

Custom Hypnosis Recording you will receive lifetime access to high-quality audio and hypnosis music of your custom hypnosis session so you can listen to your session again and again to completely  reprogram your subconscious mind to operate in a way that supports your unique goals. ($333 value)

15 Min Life + Mindset Coaching  so you can get crystal clear on your goals/visions to no longer try to do 333 things at once & get to your outcome and desired results 10x quicker. Breaking free from limiting beliefs + self sabotage. ($197 value)

High-Vibe Tools: 

Session Details

Custom Hypnosis Session  to break your current patterns that are blocking your success & highest potential so you can shift subconscious patterns into a new conscious mindset that embodies your confidence, success, prosperity, abundance + freedom in one single session. ($333 value)

I created The Custom Hypnosis Sessions because it's what I wish I had access to when going through my personal loss, living in victim-mode & fear, self sabotage, self doubt and negative inner self talk with what felt like no way out. 
I knew deep down that I wanted to break free from my circumstances but I didn't know HOW.
How could I break habits of negative thoughts? How could I stop doubting and questioning my every move? How could I achieve my goals when limiting beliefs are at the forefront of my mind every damn day?
I lived in this state of fear, lack and unworthiness for a good loooooong while. I had a few ah-ha moments and intuitive nudges but didn't allow myself to act on them. 
Until one day, I knew it was time to seek support & the tools to get me to where I wanted to be. I knew I was meant for something more. I knew I was ready for a profound shift - mentally, spiritually, emotionally.
I enrolled in a Life + Success Coaching, Hypnotherapy and NLP Practitioner Certification. My life profoundly shifted because my mindset shifted.
There are powerful tools for deep, subconscious mindset shifts.
There's magic in coaching to support & maintain your new reframed mindset.
There's a safe space & resources for breaking free from & healing old patterns + beliefs to know that you are worthy. 

And I want to share them with you and I want to help you to integrate them into your life, so that you see incredible results & have massive breakthroughs in your life!
It’s your time. You are capable!

I'm Kelly.

Hello love!

This hypnosis session will 


"I received a Life coaching & Customized Hypnosis Session from Kelly and it was UNBELIEVABLE. Kelly helped me realize anchors holding me back and slowing me down that I didn't even consciously know were there. Kelly also made my customized hypnosis for me (which I now listen to every night before bed). She made such powerful connections to my life inside this hypnosis by using my own words, making everything land and resonate with me greatly. I believe that EVERYONE needs a session like this in their life to move past any energetic anchors that slow you down. It was an incredible experience that I can't recommend enough.  If you feel stuck and unsure why or where to start to release your blocks, Kelly Pender is who you NEED to see.

- Hailey G.

isn't it time you receive the high-level coaching, support & accountability to reprogram your subconscious mind for abundance, confidence, success & prosperity?

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Hailey G.

I am so grateful that I found Kelly, and I can honestly say I don't know where I would be without her guidance today. Kelly helped me realize anchors holding me back and slowing me down that I didn't even consciously know were there. Our life coaching session was so powerful and incredibly liberating. Kelly helped me identify when and where this old thought pattern came from and how to rewrite that story. Kelly shared her immense wisdom and inspiration with me, which really helped me to tap into my source and inspiration! It was so powerful! If you feel stuck and unsure why or where to start to release your blocks, Kelly Pender is who you NEED to see.

“My sessions was UNBELIEVABLE..."

Michelle M.

"I have never really taken the time to dive deeper into my soul purpose or gifts and felt that the time for that was now. My time with Kelly was magical! Having the session in the comfort of my own home was fantastic and allowed me to create a sacred space to completely open up. She made me feel comfortable speaking about my inner desires and becoming clear on what I want in my life. It's one thing to think about these things that you want but when you vocalize it and have Kelly repeat those desires into your hypnosis it draws a very emotional and deep response. To hear my deepest desires and manifestations in Kelly's words brought tears to my eyes. I felt relaxed and focused during my hypnosis and when my desires and manifestations were being spoken to me I could feel tingling and warmth in my hands. Now that I have the recording I make sure to carve out the time every morning to start my day in this magical way. Thank you Kelly for taking the time to listen and guide me into the life I deserve.

“I came out of our session feeling amazing, clear and saying Yes!! I deserve each and everyone of these things."

kaitlin n.

I received a Custom Hypnosis Session to ease my anxiety & worries before taking a licensure exam and instantly felt at peace after my session. Thanks to Kelly, I can happily say I passed my exam due to my increased level of confidence in my abilities & skill set!
I will absolutely use this in the future in times of stress and anxiety to allow me to continue to gain clarity, ease and flow in my life.

"I instantly felt at peace and an increased level of confidence after my session..."

Every woman who leaves this session is going to be the most badass, confident, joyful, radiant version of themselves.

Get ready for a huge shift. 

Get out of your own way. We're about to go after exactly what we want with confidence + power

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