the only bundle you need to 

 become solid in your power, gain clarity on your souls purpose, embrace your unique soul gifts and magic 

…to confidently live authentically & unapologetically aligned with who you truly are in your life/biz!

you are worthy af

feel into the energy...

where simply being you turns the universal flow of receiving the f on!

Where FREEDOM in who you are feels as easy as breathing 

Where the frequency of TRUST, play, ease & LIGHT are your new norm 

Where creating your desired reality from a place of alignment & solidity in your power is effortless 

Where trusting yourself & confidently living life for YOU feels like you’re on an endless vacation 

Where owning your power & embracing your soul gifts... confidently expressing your unapologetic self with the world allows your desires to FLY in with ease


has been feeling

Feeling stuck or stagnant in life, business, career, relationships and/or growth

Not trusting  self and/or your path

Doubting yourself 

Experiencing imposter syndrome more than you’d like to admit 

Energetically leaking your power & self worth into the hands of others and into your external circumstances 

She knows her soul came here to enjoy the f*ck outta life & to be boldly embodied in her soul gifts + magic

for the woman who...

Enter into the...

Become solid in your power, gain clarity on your souls purpose, embrace your unique soul gifts + magic

...to confidently live authentically & unapologetically aligned in you



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Discover Your Soul Purpose Masterclass
PLUS Soul Retrieval Guided Meditation

I AM SO IN!!!!



- The Soul Method - my 4-Step System to Uncover your Soul Purpose & Calling
- Soul Retrieval Guided Meditation to call back the wisdom & skills from past lives and weave them into this lifetime.
- NLP Technique to integrate the parts of you that desire to embody your soul purpose & the other part who feels content in their comfort zone - this will set you free!


Unapologetically YOU Masterclass
PLUS Soul Essence Identity Alignment Meditation

Receive the codes to be seen & heard in the entirety of your soul essence identity and live the unapologetic aligned life your soul is craving 
...where abundance, love, miracles & magic fly into your reality on the reg! 

LIFETIME access to the content & bonuses


Badass Babe Tapping Bundle 


BONUS Badass Babe Manifesto - 
Similar to hypnosis, this effective self worth affirming manifesto shifts negative subconscious patterns tied to abundance, success & happiness into a new inevitable success conscious mindset. 

BONUS 66 Affirmations - 
Create new beliefs to shift your subconscious into owning your power, soul gifts. magic

The Bundle

Designed to release any resistance around your worth so you can enter into a new paradigm to accept and receive abundance, freedom & success in your life!
EFT Tapping Sessions: Abundance Attractor, Confident Queen, Worthy AF

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Yes! I'm READY to own my power!

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I'm Kelly!

This resistance of self, led me to feel resistance to everything.
My energetic frequency was in the mode of pressure, force, trying & waiting 

Waiting for others to validated me...
Trying to make things work...
Forcing an outcome that wasn’t even meant for me...
Pressure of figuring out my next step & path when I honestly felt like an imposter filled with self doubt...

I kept getting nudges from the Universe & higher self but shut them down due to fear. 

I was out of alignment and felt like nothing in my life was working. 

I built my business from this misaligned, ‘do what worked for others’ state 
I was trying to manifest my desired reality from a state of lack, force & pressure 

I was playing it safe to be perceived a certain way & was suffocating the true desires and magic of my soul 

Until the doors of Mindset work, energetic frequency & higher self alignment opened for me 

I began to SEE myself. Stand strong in my power and from this place of solidity in ME - I turned the Universal flow the f*ck on.

I implemented my signature soul method and began to uncover my soul purpose, soul gifts & magic more and more every day.

It was never lost - it was just remembering.

I came here to create a new paradigm, a new way of being that deeply nourishes my souls purpose and embrace my unique souls gifts & magic 

& so did you 

 & that’s exactly what I teach you to do inside Own your Power Bundle 

Hey babe!

And I want to show you how.

When you integrate & embody these concepts inside this Bundle...All areas of your life will massively transform & flow in your favor!

Gain clarity on your soul purpose, uncover and embrace your soul gifts to openly express this version of you with the world, confidently & with certainty.

Break free from living life for others and come into true alignment with who you are. Feeling light, free, in the flow & step back into the conscious creator of your desired life.

Begin to operate out of your essence frequency and become the MAGNETIC, bright being that effortlessly attracts and accepts abundance, success, love, miracles & magic into your life - unapologetically 

it's time to own your power & embracing your soul gifts

value of Bundle


Yes! I'm READY to own my power!

lifetime access to bundle & all content inside


purchased seperatly

your price


doors close 6/23 @ midnight!