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Have you been struggling with overcoming self doubt + unsupportive limiting beliefs? 
You’re on a journey of fostering consistent self care, self love and awakening your Highest Self but aren’t getting the accountability, spiritual tools or support you desire?

You aren’t clear on how to set supportive energetic boundaries and fall last on your priority list.

You feel lonely and isolated with unsupportive limiting beliefs and old stories keeping you stuck.

You feel like you don’t know HOW to achieve your goals of consistent self love & self care.

You feel trapped by your mindset and aren’t sure how to connect to your true Self + desires .

But you're ready to release the shit that’s holding you back from fully owning your power + creating a life that’s yours. 

You need:

To Discover your energetic blocks + Decode the messages of what’s keeping you stuck

Spiritual tools to adapt a positive mindset, shift your vibration and foster unconditional self love

Accountability, direction and focus to achieve your goals of inner confidence, self worth, peace, joy, self care + magic!

Daily rituals to support your spiritual journey of growth & expansion into your Highest Self

A powerful collective of women who feel you, understand you, empower you and GET the TRUE you!

Ready to feel seen, heard and supported on your spiritual journey of growth and expansion to step into your highest self?

Gain the community of women you have been craving to allow you to explore your spiritual curiosities, receive divine sacred solutions in a safe + supported space, and release the shit that’s blocking you from creating a life that’s yours.


This isn’t your typical membership…it’s A


Sneak Peek Inside The BBC Membership

Wondering what's


So you can gain real AF spiritual guidance to integrate into your life to ACTUALLY heal... (Spiritual Ascension Level)

Magic Mindset Mondays - EFT Tapping Sessions and/or Soul Journey Meditation

LIVE Weekly Angel/Oracle Card Readings - Group & Personal!

LIVE Monthly New Moon Ceremonies + Sisterhood Circles

FULL Access to Kelly to Receive Spiritual Guidance on Your Journey

Weekly Check-ins + Celebrations of your Wins - Gratitude Shares!

ACCESS to ALL Monthly Virtual Yoga Retreats + Spiritual Masterclasses

Monthly Crystal + Intention/Goal Setting E-book

PREMIUM ACCESS On-Demand Library of 200+ recorded and saved yoga flows, EFT Tapping Sessions, Hypnosis Sessions, New Moon Ceremonies, Spiritual Masterclasses + meditations that you can access anytime - 24/7! 

Expanded awareness + lifestyle implementation on chakras, crystals, journaling practices, self care rituals, Full Moon releases + New Moon intentions & angel + oracle card use!

A powerful collective of Sisterhood to feel seen, heard, held, supported and guided through your spiritual journey of growth, expansion + MAGIC.

The BBC Membership

is waiting for you

All live yoga classes, EFT Tapping, Hypnosis, moon ceremonies, retreats, masterclasses + Meditations are recorded + saved in our on-demand library so you’ll never miss out and always have access to tune in! 

New! Monthly Group Hypnotherapy Sessions

Fairy Circle Gathering - In- Person! Once a year to connect & meet other members!

VIP discounts to Group Coaching Program & 1:1 Coaching Calls

I know what it's like to feel lost, disconnected from my body, mind & soul, and STUCK in my circumstance. Hell, I used to live in Denver, CO and wasn't even fully enjoying the experience because I was so caught up in doing what I was "supposed to be doing," ignoring any part of myself that was true to my soul and completely dismissed my strong desire to create the life that I envisioned...due to fear. 
I was unaligned, out of balance and completely ignoring my inner knowing that was whispering to me daily - 'there is something MORE for you.’

I woke the F UP on my spiritual journey when I experienced a loss on a business retreat and had my world turned upside down. No family to support me in that moment but rather a group of women, most of them being strangers, who I was staying with.
I soon realized the Divine Timing of my situation and the support that was surrounding me. 
Let me tell you, when going through a loss I would have never chosen it to be in SC with a group of women I never met in person before. But it was the BEST thing that could have happened. I allowed myself to truly FEEL; to be seen, heard, held, exposed and raw. I felt the power of Sisterhood and the true experience of healing through sharing.  
I began to trust that whatever the outcome, was the best one for me and my Highest Self. I’ve learned to share my feelings in a deeper way than ever before. I’ve learned the importance and NEED of sisterhood.

I’ve learned to accept, surrender and to BELIEVE that LIFE is all happening FOR me and not to me. No matter what season you’re in; it’s okay to feel however the f*ck you feel. You’re not alone. You are supported. Your body is a miracle and you are magic.

I have created The Community to bring the feelings & vibrations of Sisterhood to life! No matter what stage of life you are in or where you live. This sacred space is a spiritual hub to not only receive live yoga classes but to have the ability to connect with one another, receive spiritual guidance on your journey, gain insight around energetic blocks that are keeping you stuck, emotional freedom techniques, angel card messages, sacred sisterhood circles, new moon ceremonies, spiritual masterclasses, check-ins + celebrations of your wins & so much more! 
I didn't birth my physical infinity babes into the world like I thought I would at that moment in time but instead The Badass Babe Community came through the portal and into this realm.
Welcome home, sister!

Our Current BBC Members went from feeling...

from this:

Gained permission to FULLY open the spiritual, soul activation door to explore, learn + understand 

Pushing away emotions and feelings

Fully embracing their SOUL. sharing their truth, message and needs freely & with ease

Disconnected from their true needs, desires and voice

to this:

 Connected to something greater but hiding that curiosity

Deeply connected to Self-knowing and fully  embraces themselves more than ever before. 

Old stories, fear and uncertainty preventing them from moving forward in their lives 

Embracing true emotions and alchemizing them into soul-guidance, anchoring into the present moment and leaning into Divine Feminine Flow

Insecure, trapped in comparison mode and people pleasing

Feeling like themSELVES again with a fully open heart, at peace and at home- body, mind + soul

You're a powerful woman who's ready to get clear on what the fark you want out of life!

Doors are currently CLOSED! Get on the VIP Waitlist! 

Your community is waiting for you....



Everything from Soul Activation Level PLUS EXCLUSIVE ACCESS to ALL Live yoga flows, meditations, EFT Tapping, Group Hypnotherapy, Yoga Retreats + Spiritual Masterclasses + Personal Oracle Card Readings

Exclusive Access to Everything HERE to feel seen, heard, held, supported and guided through your spiritual journey of growth, expansion + MAGIC.


Access to PREMIUM On-Demand Library of over 190+ yoga flows, meditations, EFT Tapping, Group Hypnotherapy, Yoga Retreats + Spiritual Masterclasses (no live access to yoga flows, oracle cards or events)

Accountability + Space to fully transform + ascend 

Access to our loving + supportive Facebook Group of like-minded women


Follow your Soul Calling

Get on the  VIP BBC Waitlist to save your spot!

& get instant access to our Chakra Clearing + Activating Guided Meditation

BENEFITS of Spiritual Ascension LIVE level

A PROFOUND experience as we are more powerful LIVE!  

ACCOUNTABILITY towards your self development & Spiritual growth goals!

SISTERHOOD - sharing circles & space holding. This is the portion that is not recorded in any event - what’s shared in the circle stays in the circle. This is where the magic, self discovery & growth happens! When you allow yourself to be seen, heard, witnessed and held in your own journey. I have seen breakthroughs, ah-ha moments & personal victories 


You are...

↛ Seeking to build connections with like-minded women who get you, lift you up + support you.
↛ Feel called to learn more about crystals, energy healing, oracle cards, meditation, sacred space, rituals.
↛ Know there’s more to life and feel called to learn more about yourself + soul awakenings on your spiritual journey.
↛ Looking to begin, get back into, or deepen your yoga & meditation practice.
↛ Yearning to create the space for your self care, self love + space for YOU to feel, share (if you feel called to), receive, heal & expand

I'm ready!

The BBC Membership

is for you if

 “I feel like MYSELF again..

The BBC is truly the first yoga community I’ve met where I’ve fully felt like MYSELF and been able to explore aspects of me and aspects of spirituality that I never had before, and I feel more soul aligned than ever before.. and for that, I am eternally grateful. THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart (and soul), Kelly. Xo! - Heather V. @heatherviniarwellness

client love


 “I feel like MYSELF again..

I come into Kelly's Community all twisted up every. damn. time. and feel like MYSELF again after every session. I literally see someone different in the mirror and can feel myself walking taller — with my heart fully open — at peace with the now and having shed just one more layer that no longer serves me. I also feel hella stronger since joining The Community in March." - Kelly W. @thekellywhalen

client love


 “You showed me how to go where my heart takes me and to trust that path, as it is created specially for me...

I always felt connected to something greater, something higher. Old stories, fear, and uncertainty made me look the other way.... so FIRST... it’s like you opened the door for me to explore, learn, and understand.  I feel it’s a part of my self-discovery, uncovering the deepest parts of myself. I know now, what I feel drawn to is meant to be that way. Everything comes down to how I FEEL, because my inner-knowing KNOWS. . I feel I could go into so many more details, stories, “ah-ha” moments. In essence, everything I know, learned, and currently practice is because you lead me here. So so much love, thanks, and good energy. - Nicole

client love


 “Kelly has this truly authentic way of connecting with people.

It has been a long time since I have actively been a part of a social group. Kelly has this truly authentic way of connecting with people. In such a short time I’ve witnessed strangers from all over come together in an honest way and share joy, frustrations, dreams, business etc. on my first live call I felt safe enough to speak on a fear I’ve held onto for so long. If this is just the beginning of the journey with Kelly and the girls, I’m ready!" - Meagan G. @themeaganeleese

client love


 “I've been able to breakthrough my limiting beliefs...

Kelly creates a safe, magical + loving space for us to express ourselves whether that’s during yoga or the community gatherings! She and the other community babes allow you to feel seen, heard, + supported. I’ve been able to break through my limiting beliefs and take further steps into my highest self with the help of Kelly. I am so grateful for her and I love being a part of the KPY community!" - Haley M. @youryogafairy

client love


"Kelly inspires us to find our own inner light. 

“I thought: so much of my physical, spiritual and emotional health has been negatively impacted by this pandemic, I am going to do this for myself! What I gained was so much more than I could have imagined. As much as I love the on-demand library, I always try to join Kelly's live classes whenever I can. Somehow she seems to know exactly what my body and my soul need every time. Kelly is insightful and definitely spiritually connected. She leads guided meditations, teaches about the chakras, pulls oracle cards, and inspires us to find our own inner light. That first night that I joined her New Moon ceremony, I was so stunned at the oracle card that she pulled for me and how it spoke to exactly what I had been surprised to be writing about in my journal following her prompts. Kelly connects women, lifts them up and helps them to become the best version of themselves! I am so grateful that she came into my life when she did." - Colleen A.

client love


 “Kelly has this spark and joy that you gravitate towards and she loves all of her community babes!

I've been part of the KPY community since going into quarantine. I happened to stumble upon Kelly's Instagram page and instantly felt a connection to her and the KPY community! She shares all the same passions and spiritual vibe I value in my own yoga and spiritual practice. She has this spark and joy that you gravitate towards and she loves all of her community babes! She and this community have given me space to explore the depths of my healing journey and I'm so grateful to be part of this tribe." - Amanda R.

client love


"What I wasn’t prepared for was the fact that I would feel so safe, so secure with these virtual strangers, that I would WANT to open up and share my realizations.

It’s not always easy for me to be vulnerable. In fact, I spend the majority of my day bottling up my own emotions. As a school teacher, I feel like I need to remain stable and strong for the children I teach. So, aside from my closest tribe, I don’t let my walls down very often. This virtual retreat, especially the sharing circle portion, changed that for me. I wasn’t expecting it- I thought, at most, I would have an opportunity for self-reflection. What I wasn’t prepared for was the fact that I would feel so safe, so secure with these virtual strangers, that I would WANT to open up and share my realizations. This community of women is powerful. Their stories are enlightening and inspiring. I would encourage anyone who wants to feel connected, supported, and part of something bigger than themselves to join The Community with KPY." - Nina B.

client love


Decode the messages of what’s feeling blocked to create a life that's YOURS. Gain the support of a trusted guide to get you there. 

Kickstart your journey of spiritual personal development and get plugged into the support + connection of like-minded women.

Gain Sisterhood to step into your Highest Self!

Become a VIP here!

Do I have to share in sisterhood circles if I'm not ready to OR not ready to fully be vulnerable and connect with other women?

↛ NOT AT ALL! You can utilize The Community support as much or as little as you like! Maybe you just want to access the on-demand library of recorded yoga flows, retreats, and gatherings on your own time! Maybe you want to hop on a few zoom live flows with your camera turned off to practice and listen to other women share. However you want to utilize the group is a-okay! There are no expectations of you :) Just a safe space to BE YOU!

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If I can't make the events live, will the classes be recorded for me to practice on my own time?

↛ HELL FREAKING YES! All yoga flows, meditations, virtual retreats, and ceremonies are recorded and saved for you to access literally anytime! Your membership grants you PREMIUM ACCESS On-Demand Library of recorded and saved yoga flows, retreats, moon ceremonies + meditations that you can access anytime - 24/7! (It's beautiful, if I don't say so myself!) Click HERE to view the on-demand library!

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Are there any time commitments? And can I cancel anytime?

↛ There are NO time commitments and you CAN cancel anytime! The monthly membership is paid on a monthly basis, no commitments and you can cancel anytime you need. You're not locked into anything :)

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Where is The Community held? Can I access without Facebook?

↛ The Community is currently hosted on Facebook for connections + continuous friendship building! However, you do not need FB to access. ALL of our live yoga flows, meditations, New Moon Ceremonies, and Virtual Retreats are hosted on our private Zoom Room.
ALL classes and events are recorded and saved in our private Vimeo On-Demand Library for easy, beautiful, streamlined access!

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