Align with your Higher Self & Embody your Soul Purpose to manifest anything you desire!

Badass Babe Community

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for spiritual curious women to help you

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In this sacred container you will build the energetic foundation to manifest...

simply by coming into alignment & stepping into the authentic essence of YOU

Soul-nourishing Relationships
Fulfilling Career or Business
Growing Family
Dream House
Vision Board Car
A life you are f*cking obsessed with!


Make 2023 your most soul-fulfilling year of unapologetic self acceptance yet! 

I see you, babe. You are in your spiritual awakening and beginning to uncover your soul gifts. 
You keep hearing or feeling “I am meant for something more' and know you are being called toward a different path.
You have a deep desire to uncover your purpose and align to your higher self but societal standards and conditioning are keeping you stuck; dimming your light and continuing a cycle of fear-based choices
That are preventing you from living the life you desire
You’re ready for more. You’re even more ready to break free.

Gonna be honest with you, boo. Scrolling on IG and hitting ‘save’ on journaling prompts isn’t gonna get you there. 

Instead, what you need is an energetic container of support AND accountability that incorporates spiritual rituals, energetic embodiment practices and mindset modalities to prioritize your path towards true happiness without the overwhelm. 

You have the desire.
Now it’s time to become boldly embodied in your soul gifts.

I know about your hidden not-so-secret corner dedicated to your crystals, journals, oracle cards & oils. You secretly know you're intuitive but constantly talk yourself out of it or think you're ‘doing it wrong’ - you no longer have to hide the mystical, intuitive side of yourself. Let's bring them forth.

Holding back your emotions, thoughts & ideas for fear of being fully seen & judged is your norm and you are so F’ing tired of living there. You’re ready to wake up with confidence and 'I'm a f*cking queen’ energetic backing where expressing your unapologetic self on the daily becomes no big deal - it is deeply safe to be seen…as you begin to see yourself.

You have these thoughts like it can’t actually be possible to create a life of ease, abundance, joy & freedom by simply shifting your mindset & energetic frequency. Almost like a “who am I to have this?’ Those are just your limiting beliefs and old programming talking, you are a freaking queen, remember? - it IS 111% possible. Your mindset is gonna change real quick & you’ll laugh at how easily your manifestations fly into your reality. & I’m so excited to show you HOW inside The BBC.

My beautiful badass babe, is this you?

"My favorite part of BBC is the connection, support and frequency of this group. My biggest mindset shift has been feeling confident in unapologetically communicating my thoughts, desires and truth!"


Hailey G,

Suppressing your spiritual curiosities & intuition

People pleasing is your currrent comfort zone.

Imposter syndrome around your true desires

Learn a plethora of spiritual rituals from someone who has been practicing for 10 plus years where you will connect to your higher self & source energy. Rituals that actually feel good for you; where you are tapped into your joy and pleasure. Where you own your higher self and weave the 5d into the 3D. This is where you enter into a place of ease; you let go of the NEEDing and everything flows in. 
“Falling off the wagon” doesn’t exist in my world & there sure as hell isn’t any pressure around the rituals that we weave into our days





You Need

Spiritual Rituals that feel good for you 

Guidance from a high-level mentor and coach

Energetic Embodiment Practices


Standing strong in your energetic boundaries and prioritizing your path towards true happiness - leaving self doubt and people pleasing behind - can feel scary. I know, boo. I’ve been there. This is a practice my students, clients and I incorporate and embody daily. You will be confidently living unapologetic and embodying your soul gifts much quicker and with more fun & certainty with my support and mentorship.

This is how you will get out of the constant mind chatter of self doubt and into the SOLID energetics of believing in yourself and anchoring into how F’ing worthy you truly are. You will go beyond learning and into EMBODIMENT. This is where you enter into your soul essence of who you truly are. This is the paradigm where you become the frequency you desire. There’s no stress around the life you are creating for yourself, it simply just is.

If you’re anything like me, which I already know you’re a part of my soul family or you wouldn’t be in my energy at this very moment - you may have been feeling alone, lost and stuck on your journey. This is the space my soul came here to create and share with you. Enter into a community of like-minded & like-hearted women, where it is safe to be you…like really f*cking safe. Where you are going to blossom and expand beyond your wildest dreams.

"I really love the new moon ceremonies and your openness and willingness to continually hold space for us!!"

The Badass Babe Community 


receive the accountability, Spiritual rituals & Energetic Embodiment Practices to design your soul-nourishing reality.

The 12-month program includes...

A 12-month program for spiritual curious women to help you align with your Higher Self & Embody your Soul Purpose to manifest anything you desire 
{as easy as placing an order on DoorDash}

The lineup for 2023 is on f’ing FIRE! Your soul is going to feel SO LIT UP! 
You get to attend LIVE masterclasses taught by Kelly every. single. Month 

If you did nothing else inside The BBC other than attend these masterclasses, you would see huge momentum and transformation in your mindset & personal growth!
These masterclasses are exclusively created for BBC members only!

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The Masterclasses

Each month, Kelly hosts LIVE sacred New Moon Ceremonies & sisterhood circles to attune to the messages of the moon. These circles allow your soul to be seen, heard + witnessed in your current experience of expanding into who you are and who you came here to be.

THIS is where the magic happens.  created for BBC members only!

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New Moon Ceremonies

Each month you will receive a new Hypnosis Session uploaded to the vault (recognize your soul gifts, deep restorative sleep, manifest anything you desire -> 20+ hypnosis already in the vault!) 
And an intention setting guide sent your way the 1st of the month the set goals, gain clarity & expand your capacity of receiving!

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Hypnosis & Intention Setting/Crystal of the Month e-book

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Oracle Card Readings

Every single week, Kelly connects to your angels & guides and pulls an individual oracle card reading for you on Magic Mondays!

This is F’ing IT.
I know you have been feeling alone, lost and stuck on your journey. Enter into a community of like-minded women, where it is safe to be you…like really f*cking safe.

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The Community

Members only FB group & special BBC-only discounts!

This is where ALL the components are housed to access at your convenience anytime, anywhere 24/7

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Instant access to over $11,111 worth of meditations, masterclasses, rituals, movement medicine & more!

Leaning back & receiving the gifts, blessings & abundance from the Universe is as easy as binge-watching Love is Blind on Netflix

The Outcome

So in-touch with your Feminine Energy you enjoy every delicious moment and are turned the F on by the ever-abundant life you created.

Confidently walk into a room embodied in your own energy, your sparkly, magnetic aura turns heads and you don’t even notice because you’re having too much fun being you.

Unapologetically expressing your soul gifts & living your soul purpose creating your f*ck yes life with FUN & ease!

Give me 12 months and you'll be Unapologetically living a life you love embodied in unf*ckwithable self worth!

Tuned into your Higher Self, tapped into Source - you no longer seek guidance from the external world because you trust and believe in you.

…This feels so freeing you can’t help but to celebrate the F outta yourself 

January: Break free from People Pleasing & live UNAPOLOGETIC
February: Self Love Virtual Retreat
March: Inner Child Healing
April: Feminine Flow: Sacral Activation & Womb Wisdom
May: Meet your Angels & Guides
June: How to read Oracle Cards
July: Manifesting Magic 101
August: Past Life Regression & Soul Retrieval
September: Reiki Energy & Chakra Healing
October: Spells - Embrace Your Inner Witch
November: Empath Protection
December: ELEVATE 2024

The Masterclasses

So you can dive deeper into & learn all about what's been sparking your curiosities: Intuition, Angels/Guides, Crystals, Oracle Cards, Manifestation Mindset, Energetics & Aura, Spells, Shadow Work, Spirituality & more!

Each MONTH you will receive:

Spiritual/Mindset Masterclass

New Moon Ceremony


Oracle Card readings

So you can identify any beliefs, habits & patterns of self doubt, fear, imposter syndrome to clear out what's blocking you from fully embodying and accepting your new moon intentions into your current reality. 

So you can break your current patterns that are blocking your success & highest potential so you can shift subconscious patterns into a new conscious mindset that embodies your confidence, success, & desired state of being!

"Thank you for providing this community- but specifically for me- it created space so I could reflect and really tap into what my intuition was telling me and continues to tell me. Being part of this group provides the space for self care and love. Your weekly schedule and consistency is huge. Thank you so much!"

Each WEEK you will receive:

Group Voxer Mentorship & Guidance

So you can receive soul-aligned action & validation from your spiritual support team.

Ask Kelly your most burning questions on spiritual rituals, soul purpose alignment, higher self, intuition, anything that's on your heart and she will mentor you through!

Making fear-based decisions to make others around you comfortable 

You will go from

Deeply in-tune with your energy, you make soul-aligned decisions & live life for you

Feeling unworthy, not seen or not enough

Complete 180 of how you see yourself (you sexy ass B) You are OOZING in confidence.

Was that my intuition or my ego?! What the actual F 

Intuition is turned the F ON; like a constant flow of downloads that are dripping in trust & alignment

Leaking your sacred Energy/internal power 

Strong af energetic boundaries because Radical self acceptance has entered into the chat 

Meet your bold leader, Kelly

I'm a Leo mama who teaches women how to live UNAPOLOGETIC, Spiritual Mindset + Success Coach, Founder of The BBC & host of The Badass Babe Oracle Podcast. 
I wasn't always this radiant...I was the queen of self sabotage. I was literally putting blinders on to how F'ing capable I was of creating the life of my dreams and sharing my magic with the world. I lived this way for a good long while until I realized, I've been doing the same damn thing and haven't been receiving the abundance, success and confidence I've been calling in for it's time to do something different!

I became certified in life coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP practitioner and EFT Tapping. Let me tell you...the tools that I have acquired in my toolbelt have been LIFE CHANGING...for both me & my clients!

I have manifested my soul-supportive partner of 12 years, our first home, my vision board car, soul-aligned business, my son, unexpected windfalls of money & so much more.
I'm sharing my secret to create unf*ckwithable self worth and energetically EMBODY the desire of your new reality.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered

is this program for me if I am new on my spiritual journey or feel a little resistance to stepping out of my comfort zone?


YES! Whether you have been on your spiritual journey for a while or have just started to explore your spiritual curiosities, the BBC is the place for you. And babe, we all have a little resistance to stepping out of our comfort zone and going all in on living the life we were born for - that's what makes us human! You have the desire to grow and expand, it's meant for you and you have me and a group of AMAZING women who are going to support and empower your expansion :)



HELL FREAKING YES! All Masterclasses, Moon Ceremonies and Movement Medicine Yoga Flows are recorded and saved for you to access anytime 24/7!
You are granted PREMIUM ACCESS to the On-Demand members-only portal (It's beautiful, if I don't say so myself!) 



Once you enroll, you are in the program for 12 months, baby! That means full access to all the monthly AND weekly live classes/events as well as the on-demand portal which houses over 100's of masterclasses, meditations, movement medicine, and more for you to tune into anytime! As long as you are in the program, you have full access to the juicy resources inside! Which means, you can re-enroll year after year and will be locked into your current price - that's my gift to you! 

what is your refund policy?


We know this program is valuable AF but we want you to feel comfortable + confident in enrolling!
If you join and feel that it isn't the right fit, request a refund within 72 hours of purchase. No strings attached, no questions asked. 
We won't even ask for all of the powerful, newly gained mindset & spiritual tools back :)

I have more questions, where can i get those answered?


Please send a DM to kelly @the_badassbabe or email us at

You don't want to unlock your innate wisdom, magic, power & soul purpose

You aren’t interested in the self reflection & energetic shifts to have massive breakthroughs & quantum leaps in your life

You want to stay exactly where you are & are content in your comfort zone

This is not for you if...

You’re ready to learn powerful energetic practices, spiritual rituals & mindset tools to EMBODY the version of you who already is living your dream life.

Go from conditioned confidence to unshakable confidence & inherent self worth

You know you have been your biggest limitation & you are so ready to get out of your own way & unapologetically step into your soul purpose

This is for you if...

nikki C.

I have released the negative reel that continued to play in my head "I'm not good enough", "I could never do that", "Why attempt something I might fail at". Instead, I have shifted my mindset and thought process completely, "I am worthy of magical things", "I am so strong both physically and mentally", "I can handle any situation thrown at me", "I am so supported"!
The BBC contains the MOST supportive community of women and has one badass leader, Kelly! I feel so valued & safe opening up and sharing with the community!

"Kelly has created a community where every women feels valued and safe."

hailey d.

I feel like I have such a different perspective that I wouldn’t have paid attention to without support as well as hearing other women sharing their personal struggles as well as their achievements. I felt so alone in my feelings and it was great to meet up with other women that feel the same way and are struggling with similar life situations. I let go of things I would say about myself and “who” I am that we’re holding me back. Financially I was making things harder by believing in a lack of resources and things I heard growing up about money and didn’t realize how much abundance was all around me.

"So much has shifted since joining The BBC!"

jess l.

The community really keeps me on track with my practice. Sometimes mental health struggles prevent me from completing self care tasks on my own, so the BBC holds me accountable to at least show up for myself at the live classes which gives me the momentum to keep going on my own. Thank you Kelly! The BBC contains the MOST supportive community of women and has one badass leader, Kelly! I feel so valued & safe opening up and sharing with the community!

"The BBC holds me accountable to show up for myself."

lydia s.

Even though it's virtual, I absolutely feel the community that Kelly has created. I love to see the same faces each week and know that we support one another. During the moon ceremonies where people share personal thoughts, the group is always respectful and lifts one another up! My body craves each FemFlow and all the affirmations that are weaved throughout. It's been amazing to see my body's progress over the year with consistent practice.

"Over the past year of being part of the BBC, I have experienced an increase in my self trust, self acceptance and confidence not only in the present but confidence in what's to come."

Madi D.

Kelly is so gentle and kind! During any gathering, event or oracle card reading, I always feel at home with the other women in the circle. Everyone has an unspoken connection of similar changes/ manifestations - it is SUCH a magical community!

"Since joining The BBC an amazing job has come my way, I have created boundaries, and I wake up as the best version of myself I can be every day!"

Your soul chose this lifetime for a reason, you get to create your reality for YOU...not anyone else.
It's your F'ing time.