the ultimate community

For the woman who is ready to stop limiting herself in her life, break free from negative self talk, rediscover her self worth, redefine her OWN version of happiness + success and live life on her OWN terms - as her most radiant, authentic self!

The membership giving you unlimited access to all of the exclusive mindset, manifestation + self development tools & resources you can use to reframe your mindset to fully stand in your power, know your worth & attract abundance with ease!


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Feeling trapped by your mindset, low self worth and not feeling good enough so you aren't sure how to connect to your true needs + desires

An overwhelming fear of failure & disappointment around what other people think of you

A deep-rooted perfectionism streak within that feels much easier to stay in your comfort zone and keep your head down

Lacking confidence in your self which results in hiding your unique light, message, gifts + talents

Being on the path of self discovery can have you feeling ALL the feels

lemme just say, you're not alone


trust me when I say, I've been there

Transformations & BBC Shares

A sense of ease and groundedness and a belief that you are supported by the universe and trusts that life is happening for you, rather than to you.

Release old identities and thought patterns that were keeping you small or blocking you and feeling yourself expand into confidence, abundance & prosperous energy.

Be in community & connection with like-minded women who are on a similar path who get the true you and uplift, empower, encourage + support you.

Have the accountability to continue to commit to your self development and show up for yourself, standing in your power and knowing your worth,

Imagine how it will feel to:

I have just the thing


This membership is for the woman who is ready to evolve, create & shift into living in her fullest expression. To feel joyful, abundant, radiant and LIT the F UP. Who is ready to stand in her power, who knows her worth and who attracts opportunities that are meant for her as she shows up as her true self!

The Badass Babe

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Every Magic Mindset Monday we hold a live EFT Tapping Session! My favorite on-the-go tool to tap positive affirmations into your energetic meridian lines and shift your emotions.

EFT Tapping Sessions


Every first Monday of the month we hold a live Group Hypnosis Session! Hypnosis is a powerful tool to speak directly to your subconscious mind so you can start to operate in a way that supports your goals!

Group Hypnosis sessions


Every month we hold a live Masterclass to support your mindset + spiritual growth! Masterclasses are saved in the members-only portal so you can always access them!

Spiritual mindset Masterclasses


Courses, Trainings & Sessions inside The BBC

past Masterclasses:

Vision Boarding & Spiritual/Mindset Coaching

Crystals, Oracle Cards & Pendulum 101

Reiki Energy Healing

ELEVATE Vision & Goal Planning

Master Your Mindset: Manifest Magic

Chakra Cleansing 101

past life regression

past hypnosis sessions:

Success & Money

Self Worth

Confidently Expressing Self

energetic boundaries

past EFT Tapping sessions:

Releasing the Old
Money & Abundance
Shifting Sadness
Inner Harmony
Trust in your Intuition
Money Energy
Body Confidence
Owning Your Spiritual Powers
Second Guessing Self
Release Imposter Syndrome

Every Magic Mindset Monday we either kick off the week with EFT or Guided Meditation. These Meditations are POWERFUL! Healing, cleansing, supportive to your growth + uplifting! Ranging from 5 - 25 mins so you can easily add into your daily rituals!

Guided Meditations


past meditations:

Mother Yourself
Inner Radiance
Connect to Angels & Guides

These aren’t your typical yoga classes. You, of course, are guided through yoga... we also tap into your inner knowing, the Divine Feminine, inner unique rhythm & soul wisdom. You find your flow in a way that feels aligned with YOU. That brings you back HOME to your soul. Through soul-aligned flows you will tap into your inner confidence, balance your chakras and rediscover your intuition. We hold these classes LIVE every Wednesday evening + Sunday morning! All classes are recorded and saved in the members-only portal so you can access anytime!

soul-aligned Studio sesssions


Wine(d) Down Wednesdays @ 6pm et

Self Care Sunday Flows @ 10 am et

Every month we rotate between hosting a LIVE Masterclass or Virtual Retreat! The Retreats are our Signature 2 hour special events which allows you to experience an invigorating Divine Feminine yoga flow, guided meditation to embody your inner radiant self, journaling prompts and sisterhood circle to support one another on our Highest Potential embodiment journey!

Virtual yoga/spiritual retreats


Past retreats:

Overcome Self Doubt

Release Fear

Reawaken Confidence

Unleash Your Inner Goddess

Divine Feminine Energy

Discover Your Inner Child

Self Love Rituals

Spiritual Awakening 

Every Month we host a powerful  & cleansing New Moon Ceremony! This is one of the most transformative events where members experience deep healing + profound inner shifts - leading them closer to embodying their Highest Potential! 

New Moon Ceremonies + sisterhood circle


This isn't your typical Membership

it's a lifestyle

shift into your truest most confident, radiant  self

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spiritual/mindset tools


Crystal of the month + intention setting e-book

Weekly individual oracle card readings

full access to kelly to answer any questions as you grow + shift into your highest potential

annual in-person fairy circle party

 “The BBC has amplified my belief in myself...

I joined Kelly's BBC Membership a little over a month ago, and it is hands down the best investment I have ever made. Kelly pours so much of her heart and soul into holding space and supporting all of us women – wherever we are in our spiritual journeys. The energy and space that Kelly creates have given me access to my soul guidance and intuition to tap into MY unlimited SOURCE of inspiration and wisdom. Kelly holds the frequency and energy you want to be around to feel seen & heard AND understand what is possible for you in both your professional and personal life. Kelly is SO relatable, sassy, and badass! She provides so much perspective and wisdom in the live events and the on-demand library of spiritual tools! Kelly is a shining example of a woman living her purpose and through her community bridges the gap for us to safely, confidently, and intentionally step into ours." - Hailey G. @iamhaileygalloway

client love


 “I can fully be myself..

The BBC is truly the first yoga community I’ve met where I’ve fully felt like MYSELF and been able to explore aspects of me and aspects of spirituality that I never had before, and I feel more soul aligned than ever before.. and for that, I am eternally grateful. THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart (and soul), Kelly. Xo! - Heather V. @heatherviniarwellness

client love


 “I feel like MYSELF again..

I come into Kelly's Community all twisted up every. damn. time. and feel like MYSELF again after every session. I literally see someone different in the mirror and can feel myself walking taller — with my heart fully open — at peace with the now and having shed just one more layer that no longer serves me. I also feel hella stronger since joining The Community in March." - Kelly W. @thekellywhalen

client love


 “You showed me how to go where my heart takes me and to trust that path, as it is created specially for me...

I always felt connected to something greater, something higher. Old stories, fear, and uncertainty made me look the other way.... so FIRST... it’s like you opened the door for me to explore, learn, and understand.  I feel it’s a part of my self-discovery, uncovering the deepest parts of myself. I know now, what I feel drawn to is meant to be that way. Everything comes down to how I FEEL, because my inner-knowing KNOWS. . I feel I could go into so many more details, stories, “ah-ha” moments. In essence, everything I know, learned, and currently practice is because you lead me here. So so much love, thanks, and good energy. - Nicole

client love


 “Kelly has this truly authentic way of connecting with people.

It has been a long time since I have actively been a part of a social group. Kelly has this truly authentic way of connecting with people. In such a short time I’ve witnessed strangers from all over come together in an honest way and share joy, frustrations, dreams, business etc. on my first live call I felt safe enough to speak on a fear I’ve held onto for so long. If this is just the beginning of the journey with Kelly and the girls, I’m ready!" - Meagan G. @themeaganeleese

client love


 “I've been able to breakthrough my limiting beliefs...

Kelly creates a safe, magical + loving space for us to express ourselves whether that’s during yoga or the community gatherings! She and the other community babes allow you to feel seen, heard, + supported. I’ve been able to break through my limiting beliefs and take further steps into my highest self with the help of Kelly. I am so grateful for her and I love being a part of the KPY community!" - Haley M. @youryogafairy

client love


"Kelly inspires us to find our own inner light. 

“I thought: so much of my physical, spiritual and emotional health has been negatively impacted by this pandemic, I am going to do this for myself! What I gained was so much more than I could have imagined. As much as I love the on-demand library, I always try to join Kelly's live classes whenever I can. Somehow she seems to know exactly what my body and my soul need every time. Kelly is insightful and definitely spiritually connected. She leads guided meditations, teaches about the chakras, pulls oracle cards, and inspires us to find our own inner light. That first night that I joined her New Moon ceremony, I was so stunned at the oracle card that she pulled for me and how it spoke to exactly what I had been surprised to be writing about in my journal following her prompts. Kelly connects women, lifts them up and helps them to become the best version of themselves! I am so grateful that she came into my life when she did." - Colleen A.

client love


 “Kelly has this spark and joy that you gravitate towards and she loves all of her community babes!

I've been part of the KPY community since going into quarantine. I happened to stumble upon Kelly's Instagram page and instantly felt a connection to her and the KPY community! She shares all the same passions and spiritual vibe I value in my own yoga and spiritual practice. She has this spark and joy that you gravitate towards and she loves all of her community babes! She and this community have given me space to explore the depths of my healing journey and I'm so grateful to be part of this tribe." - Amanda R.

client love


"What I wasn’t prepared for was the fact that I would feel so safe, so secure with these virtual strangers, that I would WANT to open up and share my realizations.

It’s not always easy for me to be vulnerable. In fact, I spend the majority of my day bottling up my own emotions. As a school teacher, I feel like I need to remain stable and strong for the children I teach. So, aside from my closest tribe, I don’t let my walls down very often. This virtual retreat, especially the sharing circle portion, changed that for me. I wasn’t expecting it- I thought, at most, I would have an opportunity for self-reflection. What I wasn’t prepared for was the fact that I would feel so safe, so secure with these virtual strangers, that I would WANT to open up and share my realizations. This community of women is powerful. Their stories are enlightening and inspiring. I would encourage anyone who wants to feel connected, supported, and part of something bigger than themselves to join The Community with KPY." - Nina B.

client love


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It's your time

invest in your future Self

I’m a positive leo queen who shines a light on womens unique gifts, podcaster, mindset + success coach and notorious advocator of ‘laying the fark down!’

From being trapped in victim-mode and feeling like a complete failure to shifting my mindset, believing in my innate talents and creating a thriving business + safe space that supports women to create reframed mindsets of unstoppable success to elevate their presence and transform their personal power.

Badass babe who is on a mission to live life authentically + unapologetically as her true self and show others they are capable of doing the same!

Meet your bold leader, Kelly Pender

You do not need to be spiritual (hint" you already innately are)

You don't need to know anything about manifestation, law of attraction, oracle cards, shadow work, highest self

All you need is to know you are ready for a shift.

You are ready to believe in yourself.
To live life in your fullest expression + are ready to feel comfortable and confident in who you are - expressing your desires with clarity + clear energetic boundaries!

This membership is different than anything else out there because I created it for the version of me who was ready to shift, grow, & expand...

I know you're in need of a container + safe space to hold you accountable & support you in your self discovery & personal growth

I was on a women's business retreat in South Carolina, when I got the call from my doctor that my HCG was dropping, instead of doubling like it was supposed to and that I should expect to miscarry any day.
I was with a group of women that I just met in person the day before and had no idea how to process this news. Instead of going into hiding and holding all of my feelings in, pretending I was fine - like I normally would have done - I allowed the space to be held for me and I shared my feelings, thoughts and emotions with no barriers. I allowed myself to start the healing process by opening up my vulnerability and letting space be held for me to process.
At that moment, I knew; this is what sisterhood is all about.
This is the support + space that was detrimental to my healing, growth + expansion.
The retreat ended that weekend and I had the urge to take a piece of the sisterhood with me and to continue in the experience of evolving (I knew that without accountability & the proper container it was too easy for me to go back into my old ways and to numb myself out with too much wine.)

I knew how powerful and transformative it was for me to be in a community of women that I felt called to create this experience for every woman, no matter where they were on their journey, no matter what they were experiencing, or what season of life they were in, no matter where they were located in the world to be held in a safe space; one that allows them to share, heal, shift, grow + expand.
The Badass Babe Community was birthed into existence.

I wasn't always high-vibe + in the flow...I was trapped in victim-mode + numbing myself out with (lots!) of wine

a vibration of confidence, abundance + prosperity where you attract your goals + maifestations with ease

The powerful mindset tools + resources to breakfree from limiting beliefs that are blocking you from achieving your goals

full access to kelly to guide you through your mindset + self development jounrey

instant access to the members-only portal where the courses, trainings + sessions are stored

The ultimate mindset, manifestation & self discovery hub

the safe space to express your true self and learn how to show up authentically in the world

accountability to continue on your self discovery path, even if you sway out of rythym - we'll be there to pick you back up!

spirtual tools + resources to shed your old identity and embody your highest potential 

a community of like-minded women on a similar path who get you, meet you where you are, support you + empower you

You get:

the choice is yours. what are you waiting for?

You can stay exactly where you are

or live in your fullest expression

october: Sacred Rituals + Practices + Spells (WITCHY thangs!)

november: Manifesting Magic - Law of Attraction

December: ELEVATE Vision & Goal Planning 2022

You're going to love!

July: Mindset Reframe for Imposter Syndrome

August: Lion's Gate Portal Activation

September: Money Mindset

2021 Upcoming Live Masterclasses

1 x weekly live eft tapping or guided meditation

1 x monthly live spiritual/mindset masterclasses or Virtual retreats

2 x weekly live soul-aligned yoga sessions

1 x monthly live New Moon ceremonies

The BBC Membership Grants you access to:

access to kelly to guide/support you on your journey + a powerful community of like-minded women

Instant Access to our members-only on-demand portal of 100s of saved yoga flows, meditations, Hypnosis, eft tapping, masterclasses & more! 

1 x weekly live individual oracle card reading

1 x monthly live group hypnosis sessions

Unexpected windfalls of money

a new Badass relationship with their Self Worth

Confidence in self to express needs, desires + sharing expertise & offerings with conviction

They have experienced

A new home that fits her family's lifestyle

Dream job that offers her more time + freedom

Aligned and supportive relationships

The women inside The BBC have manifested

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Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions answered

Do I have to share in sisterhood circles if I'm not ready to/not ready to fully be vulnerable and connect with other women?


NOT AT ALL! You can utilize The BBC as much or as little as you like! Maybe you just want to access the members-only on-demand library of yoga flows, mindset tools, virtual retreats, and gatherings on your own time! Maybe you want to hop on a few live zoom flows/events with your camera turned off to be in the space of sisterhood. However you want to utilize the group is a-okay! There are no expectations for you :) Just a safe space to BE YOU!

If I can't make the events live, will the classes be recorded for me to practice and enjoy on my own time?


HELL FREAKING YES! All Yoga Flows, Guided Meditations, Hypnosis Sessions, EFT Tapping, Virtual Retreats, Masterclasses and Moon Ceremonies are recorded and saved for you to access anytime 24/7!
Your membership grants you PREMIUM ACCESS to the On-Demand members-only portal (It's beautiful, if I don't say so myself!) Click HERE to view the on-demand library!

Are there any time commitments? And can I cancel anytime?

Are there any time commitments? And can I cancel anytime?

There are NO time commitments and you CAN cancel or pause your membership anytime! The monthly membership is paid on a monthly basis, no commitments and you can cancel anytime you need. You're not locked into anything :)

For accountability + continuous support, BBC members have found the Annual Membership to be the solution!

Member results

see what my members have to say

nikki C.

I have released the negative reel that continued to play in my head "I'm not good enough", "I could never do that", "Why attempt something I might fail at". Instead, I have shifted my mindset and thought process completely, "I am worthy of magical things", "I am so strong both physically and mentally", "I can handle any situation thrown at me", "I am so supported"!
The BBC contains the MOST supportive community of women and has one badass leader, Kelly! I feel so valued & safe opening up and sharing with the community!

"Kelly has created a community where every women feels valued and safe."

jess l.

The community really keeps me on track with my practice. Sometimes mental health struggles prevent me from completing self care tasks on my own, so the BBC holds me accountable to at least show up for myself at the live classes which gives me the momentum to keep going on my own. Thank you Kelly! The BBC contains the MOST supportive community of women and has one badass leader, Kelly! I feel so valued & safe opening up and sharing with the community!

"The BBC holds me accountable to show up for myself."

lydia s.

Even though it's virtual, I absolutely feel the community that Kelly has created. I love to see the same faces each week and know that we support one another. During the moon ceremonies where people share personal thoughts, the group is always respectful and lifts one another up! My body craves each yoga session and all the affirmations that are weaved throughout. It's been amazing to see my body's progress over the year with consistent practice.

"Over the past year of being part of the BBC, I have experienced an increase in my self trust, self acceptance and confidence not only in the present but confidence in what's to come."

Madi D.

Kelly is so gentle and kind! During any gathering, event or oracle card reading, I always feel at home with the other women in the circle. Everyone has an unspoken connection of similar changes/ manifestations - it is SUCH a magical community!

"Since joining The BBC an amazing job has come my way, I have created boundaries, and I wake up as the best version of myself I can be every day!"

hailey d.

I feel like I have such a different perspective that I wouldn’t have paid attention to without support as well as hearing other women sharing their personal struggles as well as their achievements. I felt so alone in my feelings and it was great to meet up with other women that feel the same way and are struggling with similar life situations. I let go of things I would say about myself and “who” I am that we’re holding me back. Financially I was making things harder by believing in a lack of resources and things I heard growing up about money and didn’t realize how much abundance was all around me.

"So much has shifted since joining The BBC!"

It's your time. You're ready to shift into your most true, confident, successful, badass self! 

YES! VIP Waitlist me!