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where deciding to feel

allows more abundance to flow into your life with EASE!

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Signature course & Mastermind

Manifest That Sh!t University


The Badass Babe Community


1:1 Custom Hypnosis Session

 The Exact Strategy that made me over $3k in a day on Maternity Leave & how you can too!

The simple way to make money now without overcomplicated methods that take precious time from you and your loved ones.

In 33 days or less, you will have expanded on or opened up new revenue streams leading to $1k or more.
You will learn a step by step system to make more money NOW without ‘trying to be positive’ 24/7, overcomplicated methods adding more to your plate.

For the soul-driven leaders ready to say ‘f*ck off’ to societal programming & structures holding you back and playing small 
➡️ We’re playing in the Quantum, on the FREQUENCY of your desires 
…Where you’re no longer sitting at your boring ass desk job NOW sipping champagne with your loved ones celebrating your successful & wealthiest business/career exploding with clients, sales & money lighting up your phone on the reg!

Tried all the methods & programs and still don’t feel safe consistently having, holding and receiving more money and you’re ready to finally activate your abundance frequency

➡️  By breaking free from money/scarcity blocks and integrating ground-breaking encoding techniques, you will unlock more money & abundance 10x more quickly

2 month Private container

The Abundance Portal

EFT tapping training


Enter into the most transformative experience with my expert guidance

➡️ to crack yourself TF open to streams of abundance to flow into your life/business and step into your inevitable success FAST

for coaches, healers, therapists, intuitives & lightworkers to Integrate into your sessions or teachings to strengthen the goals of your clients and enhance their lives quickly & effectively. 
➡️ Learn the science, technique, structure & how to create custom tapping sessions for your clients!
PLUS Certificate of Completion!