Is this YOU?

  • No longer interested in things that  once brought you joy
  • Feel completely lost, stuck or directionless
  • Starting to feel like others don't 'get you.'
  • Feel out of place
  • May be distancing self from others who don't support your Higher Self
  • Drawn to Spirituality, crystals, oracle cards + rituals
  • Vivid dreams 
  • Feel an internal struggle between ego and intuition
  • Pulled in an entirely different direction that you didn't plan for 

Signs you're going through a Spiritual Awakening

You're in the right place.

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

You are literally beginning to connect to your spirit, your soul and starting to receive messages, downloads, Intuitive hits, dreams, nudges, gut feelings to be guided or pulled in a different direction. Your spirit is coming through and you are starting to WAKE UP to your soul. 
Hence, a spiritual awakening. 
You have arrived. And I am here to guide you.

When we start the awakening process of being soul-led rather than fear-led, a shit ton of UNCOMFORTABLE feelings of challenge and struggle may arise. 

We feel this discomfort, view it as a negative and come safely back into our comfort zone; coming back into our ego. We can live here for YEARS.
You are being called. 
Your soul purpose and gifts want to be uncovered.
Your spirit wants to be AWAKENED. 
It is safe for you to be seen. ALL of you to be seen for exactly who you are, as you are. 
You are safe. You are supported.
This guide is going to walk you through Spiritual Rituals that will allow you to align with your Highest Self and to learn how to be soul-led in this lifetime. 

grab your kit!

I'm Kelly

I’m a yoga teacher of 9 years turned Spiritual Mindset Coach who has worked with 100’s of women to help them uncover their unique gifts and wisdom to finally embody their Soul Purpose.
Founder of The BBC; Spiritual Self Discovery Membership and notorious advocator of ‘laying the fark down!’
I create a safe space with NLP tools & spiritual rituals to reprogram the subconscious mind into one that embodies and energetically supports your version of unstoppable success, abundance + magic.

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