Are you so over consuming alllll the money manifestation content, feeling even more confused and honestly like manifesting is a freaking job?

Do you keep experiencing the same circumstance of not seeing the abundance, money or growth over and over again, that feels like a loop you can’t break free from?

Listen babe, I hear you and...

I received a PayPal notification for $5,555 while I was
meditating for 3 minutes


meditating for 3 minutes

I’m living proof that you CAN receive MORE abundance and money without DOING more

CAN receive MORE

without DOING more

Are you tired of seeing others manifesting abundance + money seemingly out of thin air and not understanding why it’s so easy for them but it’s not happening that easily for you? 

You think you need to be more consistent, try more overcomplicated methods, do more to deserve more, or become more ‘high vibe’....

I’m here to tell you….
ALL of that is BULLSH*T. 

Over my 10 plus year manifestation journey...
I’ve done it all, tried it all. Implemented it ALL.

Most of what you see is just fluff. 

Methods that are a waste of precious time & energy

That ends today.

I’m busting all the manifestation myths and guiding you through
the EXACT STRATEGY to manifesting money that’s about to change everything for you


In this free course...

You will discover what you have been unknowingly doing that's generating the same outcome and HOW to finally break free to create a new reality 

one filled with more abundance, more money  & more ease

I’m sharing it ALL with you.
No gatekeeping here. All the mindset shifts, energetic tweaks, codes and keys 

Energetic tools you can implement right away to become a magnet to abundance + money

Unlock more channels to receive unexpected financial windfalls

NO more worrying about HOW to make more money

I'm Kelly

She is an expert in simplifying Money & Abundance Manifestation through the fusion of  science-backed techniques and Quantum Physics for Spiritual Entrepreneurs and Career Babes.

She's been able to Manifest $5,555 during a 3 Minute Meditation using her signature method and she helps her clients achieve the same.

If you're looking for real proven manifestation methods to receive $1k (or more) in the next 33 days, you're in the right place!

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