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Day 1: EFT Tapping to Go ALL IN on yourself 

Day 2: EFT Tapping to Activate Feminine Flow of Receiving 

Day 3: EFT Tapping to Manifest $333

Day 4: EFT Tapping for Unf*ckwithable Self Worth

Day 5: EFT Tapping The Universe has your Back

Granted access to the course vault and each day a new FULL length EFT Tapping video session (4 - 12 mins) will be uploaded for you to follow along!

You will have access to the tapping videos for 5 additional days after the challenge is complete!

In this 5-Day challenge, you will receive:

If you love my 60 second tapping reels on IG, you are going to experience a huge transformation from these full tapping sessions each day!
& actually learn HOW to tap!

We start Monday, May 15th!


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only $1.11/day!


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I'm Kelly!

I'm a Leo mama who teaches women how to live UNAPOLOGETIC, Spiritual Mindset + Success Coach, Founder of The BBC; Spiritual Self Discovery Membership & host of The Badass Babe Oracle Podcast. 
I wasn't always this radiant...I was the queen of self sabotage. I was literally putting blinders on to how F'ing capable I was of creating the life of my dreams and sharing my magic with the world. I lived this way for a good long while until I realized, I've been doing the same damn thing and haven't been receiving the abundance, success and confidence I've been calling in for it's time to do something different!
I became certified in life coaching, hypnotherapy, NLP practitioner and EFT Tapping. Let me tell you...the tools that I have acquired in my toolbelt have been LIFE CHANGING!
I have manifested my soul-supportive partner of 12 years, our first home, my vision board car, soul-aligned business, my son, unexpected windfalls of money & so much more.
I'm sharing the codes to feel  worthy AF and energetically EMBODY the desire of your new reality,

Hey babe!