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I believe it is your birthright to shine. To uncover and release the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck, small and in a box to please others + potentially have fear around true success, happiness + expansion. I've broken out of the box and stepped into my fullest potential, embodying my confidence, success, freedom in who I truly am and became a magnet to my desires, manifestations and soul sisters! You are capable. It is possible. Let me show you how!


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In this masterclass you will learn my 3 key secrets to activate your intuition, kick fear-based thoughts to the curb & start living in alignment with your soul, both personally & professionally now!
Understand how you personally tune into your intuition - it's not one-size-fits-all!



This FREE masterclass will allow you to break your current, unsupportive patterns that are blocking your success & gain my top 3 tools to elevate your vibration to become a magnet to your MANIFESTATIONS! Align to the Law of Attraction!

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Feeling like you have to work harder to make more $$ or you won't ever be able to make more $$? This EFT Tapping Exercise will allow you to begin to release the belief that you are 'not good enough to have money' so you can change your reality.

Clear $$ blocks so you can recEive more $$ with ease!


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I'm so excited to provide you with the powerful tools + resources that I personally used on my self development journey to reframe your mindset + shift into your fullest expression - living life in harmony, happiness + freedom with your soul purpose!

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Learn how to become a MAGNET to your Manifestations + embody your inner confidence, success & 'hell yes!' 

Kelly W.

I literally see someone different in the mirror and can feel myself walking taller — with my heart fully open — at peace with the now and having shed just one more layer that no longer serves me.

“I feel like MYSELF again..."

nicole M.

I always felt connected to something greater, something higher. Old stories, fear, and uncertainty made me look the other way.... so FIRST... it’s like you opened the door for me to explore, learn, and understand. I feel it’s a part of my self-discovery, uncovering the deepest parts of myself.

"You showed me how to trust that path, as it is created specially for me.."

I create a safe space with NLP tools & spiritual rituals to allow for reframed mindsets of unstoppable success for women who want to elevate their presence and transform their personal power.

I know what it’s like to doubt myself, question my path, live in victim-mode & dim my light to fit in and to please others.
A personal loss, miscarriage and health healing journey (along with all the pain, emotions & feelings that came with it) showed me how to shift from victim-mode to victorious.

I teach you how to reprogram your mindset to come back into believing in yourself and fully trusting in your talents, skills and tremendous value - that only YOU can provide - with confidence & conviction!

Founder of The Badass Babe Community and Mindset + Success Coach

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