Courses that make you say “I am CAPABLE of anything I desire!”


Magic Money Mindset

Your Foolproof 3-Step System to Leave Unworthiness of Wealth Behind So You Can Transform Your Mindset to Finally Manifest Money on Autopilot



Awaken Intuition Method

My exact step-by-step method to Identify your Spiritual powers, harness your souls wisdom, illuminate your soul calling & Awaken your Intuition to come back home to your Soul


Spiritual Self Development Hub

The Badass Babe Community

A 12-month program for spiritual seekers who are ready to blow up their confidence, set “can’t F with this” energetic boundaries & embody unf*ckwithable self worth to live unapologetic in their soul purpose.



F Yes Frequency

THE EFT Tapping & Meditation Membership for women who are seeking to maintain an energetic state of alignment that pulls your manifestations into your reality with ease!



Discover Your Soul Purpose

My 4-step System to Uncover your Soul Purpose & Calling. It's time to call back all parts of your soul, receive clarity on your path & embody who you truly are and who you came here to BE!


5-Day Training Series

Manifestation Mindset 

5-day Training Series packed with LIFE CHANGING tools to step BACK into the seat of the creator & expand your energetic field to receive your desired reality and design the life you were meant for.


Karla G.

Through Magic Money Mindset, Kelly guided me in finding and releasing old beliefs I was holding onto regarding money and wealth. Acknowledging and releasing these beliefs has transformed the way I look at and interact with my wealth and abundance. I shifted my identity to: I am a Free Flowing Prosperous woman that supports my newfound beliefs. And I just keep thanking the Universe! 

"Speaking of abundance, I’ve scheduled 3 new clients in the last week through my private practice!" 

kelly w.

I have created collaboration with Fear + Ego so that we (together) can allow for Soul Guidance instead. I have literally woken up my Intuition. I can now see an open book in front of me with fresh ink — a new chapter and story ready to be written — by ME. I didn't even know that I had been experiencing a Soul Awakening. I just thought I was meant to struggle. I am not. YOU are not. WE are not. This course strips away all that does not serve, grounds you in YOU, and opens up a delightful portal for what is NEXT. Weeeeeeee!

"AIM has (finally!!!) given me the permission and the tools to STOP SEARCHING outside myself for the answers I have been looking for FOR YEARS."

Hailey G.

Kelly's BBC Membership is hands down the best investment I have ever made. Kelly pours so much of her heart and soul into holding space and supporting all of us women – wherever we are in our spiritual journeys. The energy and space that Kelly creates have given me access to my soul guidance and intuition to tap into MY unlimited SOURCE of inspiration and wisdom. Kelly holds the frequency and energy you want to be around to feel seen & heard AND understand what is possible for you in both your professional and personal life. Kelly is SO relatable, sassy, and badass! She provides so much perspective and wisdom in the live events and the on-demand library of spiritual tools! Kelly is a shining example of a woman living her purpose and through her community bridges the gap for us to safely, confidently, and intentionally step into ours."

 “The BBC has amplified my belief in myself...

madi d.

AIM!!! Kelly, this is absolutely amazing, this helped put me back on track to check myself when I am slipping into my stuck frustrated mode, I did not realize it was so close to my intuition trying to guide me!!! You have educated me in each module more than I have been able to learn myself, reading articles and a few books, its all in one place with meditation to follow each module :)) The meditations and journaling prompts help me to align my chakras and step back into my state of knowing and listening. After experiencing AIM I am super comfortable and will be revisiting because every time I experience a module or a meditation I learn something new about myself."

"If you are looking for something to help guide you in a time of uncertainty, AIM is definitely something to check out!