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allows more abundance to flow into your life with EASE!

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Signature course

Manifest That Sh!t University

soul purpose mentorship

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abundance now

1:1 Abundance Accelerator Intensive

 THIS is the training where I’ll teach you how to crack yourself open to abundance channels by using energetic frequency attunement

 The NO. 1 Mistake you may be making with manifestation that’s costing you wayyyy too much time, energy, and money  (& what to focus on that actually WORKS!)

By implementing my proven 3 step process of subconscious reprogramming, energetic attunement, and nervous system healing

➡️ you will walk away with a simple & fun manifestation method to quickly unlock more money whenever you damn please. 

Discover your Soul Purpose & unlock the unlimited possibilities you came here for
...without adding in a million Spiritual Rituals

➡️ By improving your relationship with your Higher Self & Spirit Team Connection, you will have clarity in your soul's mission feeling confident owning your unapologetic self

Tried all the methods & programs and still don’t feel safe consistently having, holding and receiving more money and you’re ready to finally activate your abundance frequency

➡️  By breaking free from money/scarcity blocks and integrating ground-breaking encoding techniques, you will unlock more money & abundance 10x more quickly

3 month Private container

The Abundance Portal

EFT tapping training


Enter into the most transformative experience with my expert guidance

➡️ to crack yourself TF open to streams of abundance to flow into your life/business and step into your inevitable success

for coaches, healers, therapists, intuitives & lightworkers to Integrate into your sessions or teachings to strengthen the goals of your clients and enhance their lives quickly & effectively. 
➡️ Learn the science, technique, structure & how to create custom tapping sessions for your clients!
PLUS Certificate of Completion!


Make Manifesting your B*tch


Discover Your Soul Purpose

THE 90 min training to launch you into embodying the energy required to bring forth your manifestations, Show you how to remove energetic & subconscious barriers you’ve unknowingly been putting up 

Unlock the doors to not only attracting but also RECEIVING your true desires with magic & ease.

My 4-Step System to Uncover your Soul Purpose & Calling
Get Ready to live in alignment with your Soul Purpose and integrate your soul gifts, skills + wisdom into this lifetime!
➡️ PLUS Soul Retrieval Guided Meditation