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If you're a spiritual entrepreneur or career babe and think "I want more money but...

I don't know how to become an energetic match',
‘WTF does ‘just trust and detach from the outcome mean?,
'it didn't work out for me in the past so maybe I’m not worthy of abundance in my life.'
'why is it so easy for others to skyrocket their business/career and so hard for me?'

YESSSS! I want to Manifest more money!

The Exact Strategy that made me over $3k in a day on Maternity Leave

🧲  Create a new money making neural pathway 

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I'm Kelly

I used to feel  like I was doing everything wrong so I downloaded every manifestation freebie, binge listened to every self development podcast, did all the YouTube meditations, 5x5x5 methods and invested in TONS of courses and programs...

Which led me to go into subconscious overwhelm and felt like I was in about the same place as I was a year ago.

The problem was...
HOW I was manifesting didn’t feel like it was moving the needle

Meet your mentor

Being plugged in and plugged out of the abundance frequency didn’t feel sustainable 

I was doing SO many (like 10 different manifestation methods every damn day) that took SO much of my precious time & energy

And invested in MANY different courses and programs that felt like a freaking job for me to get through/finish and left me feeling even more stuck and frustrated af...‘trying to become an energetic match to money.'

I knew there was a simpler way.  A way that was not only SUSTAINABLE but f’ing FUN & EASEFUL.

I created my 3 step proven process to manifest $1k (or more!) in 30 days.
THIS is the simple and fun manifestation method that allowed me to activate & EMBODY the abundance frequency for life.

My clients received $30k salary increases, PIF clients, unexpected financial windfalls & more!

This was the missing piece and exact strategy  that led me to expand my business & brand and manifest over $3k in a day on maternity leave!

Over my 10 plus year manifestation journey...
I’ve done it all, tried it all. Implemented it ALL.

Most of what you see is just fluff. 

Concepts that aren’t landing, don’t make sense or don't provide freaking results.

That ends today.

I’m sharing it all and guiding you through my proven process that led me to make $3k in one day and how you can too!

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