i got you, boo!

I know you're Ready to ACTIVATE Your INTUITION, babe!

Here's what's included in your kit:

You’ve probably heard that tuning into your intuition is one of the most powerful things you can do for yourself to create the reality of your dreams & boost your manifestation powers, both personally and professionally.
You may be asking yourself….what is intuition exactly?
How do I know if it's my thoughts/ego or my intuition talking?
How do I listen to it? 
How can I amplify it? 
How can I connect with it on a daily basis?

Grab my free Intuition Activation Kit to discover your inner knowing in a way that makes sense to YOU, receive messages from your soul, and uncover, activate and amplify your spiritual powers aka your MAGIC - to embody a life of abundance + freedom your soul came here to lead!

Intuition Activation Guided Meditation - Anchor into the radiant energy that’s within you and all around you. Learn how to listen to and FEEL into your inner knowing, soul purpose + soul calling.

EFT Tapping to Trust in your Intuition - acknowledge any doubt you may have around listening to your intuition and shift into the frequency of TRUSTING in your intuitive power.

Journaling Prompts to uncover your Intuitive Magicguide to support your soul purpose and expressing your soul essence in a way that feels aligned for you!

My Intuition Activation kit is magical AF. Just imagine how you will feel when you stop questioning your inner knowing and allow your intuition to lead you into the life your soul came here to LIVE! 
Not only will you get to align with your highest self, your soul essence, but you’ll also tap into your soul purpose + intuitive gifts

You’re not on this journey alone. I got you babe! Let’s activate our intuition together and raise the frequency of the collective!

Contact Kelly at hello@kellypender.com with any questions! See you inside! XO