I'm Kelly Pender

I help you create a 'holy shit did my manifestations just happen that easily?!' mindset & life you are F'ing obsessed with!
I'm the founder of The Badass Babe Community Membership and your Spiritual Mindset Success Coach

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3 Easy Ways to RAISE your Vibration!

August 31, 2020

Sometimes our thoughts alter and affect our mood..and other times we shift into a frequency and aren’t really sure WHY. Um hellurrrr old untrue stories, past perceived failures, emotions, unprocessed feelings, thoughts that take you down a rabbit hole…should I keep going?

Let’s take back our power!

1.You are in CHARGE – conscious or subconscious of what is going on in your life! Take ownership over your life!

Let’s break down the law of attraction. Our emotions are our unconscious awareness of our vibration. Our vibration equates to the law of attraction. EVERYTHING ALIGNS TO THE VIBRATION THAT YOU ARE ON. 

When we operate at a specific vibration, we are unknowingly attracting what we are putting OUT. 

Tap into knowing the power of your mind creates the life you want!

Your beliefs can either limit or CREATE your transformation. 

Let’s shift our BELIEFS to shift our emotions, and shift our vibration – become a MAGNET to your desires.

2. Shift your relationship with __________

Where do you need to shift your mindset relationship? Examples: Self love, worthiness, success, money, etc?

What is keeping you where you are right now in your life? 

Journal on it. Claim it. Get really F’ing REAL with yourself.

What is keeping you stuck? What is keeping you small? 

Let’s break FREE!

 “I don’t want to believe this for myself anymore!”

Write it down on a piece of paper and BURN IT! Release this old relationship that is no longer serving you to CALL in what it is that you want for yourself!

3. Enter into a state of GRATITUDE 

Are you grateful for what you already have? Or are we in the mindset of comparison, lack, fear..?

Allow yourself to reflect on ALL you have accomplished, all that you have achieved, all that you have ALREADY called in for yourself.

You are exactly where you are meant to be. Feeling it, owning it, trusting it, aligning into that state of gratitude to INTEGRATE with your soul essence, your Highest Self – to allow her to lead the way!

Shift into the frequency of GRATITUDE to welcome MORE in. 

Claim it! Write down what it is that you are CALLING in!

Show up from a place of ABUNDANCE! 

Allow yourself to RISE!

Oracle Card Deck: Work Your Light Oracle Deck by Rebecca Campbell

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I'm Kelly Pender

I help you create a 'holy shit did my manifestations just happen that easily?!' mindset & life you are F'ing obsessed with!
I'm the founder of The Badass Babe Community and your Spiritual Mindset Manifestation Coach

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