I'm Kelly Pender

I help you create a 'holy shit did my manifestations just happen that easily?!' mindset & life you are F'ing obsessed with!
I'm the founder of The Badass Babe Community Membership and your Spiritual Mindset Success Coach

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MARCH Soul Guidance Message

March 11, 2022

Welcome MARCH!

Holy sheeet – I have my voice back and let me tell you, for someone who uses their voice as their livelihood and self expression, that was hard as fark!

I know that many of us have been sick or feeling under the weather recently and I channeled a message about rest that I know we all need to hear.

And this channeled message that came through me from our angels and guides is…..this is your reminder to rest and it is SAFE for you to rest

If you have been pushing, forcing, go-go-go…it is your time to slow down.

You do not have to show up all the F’ing time. 

Everything that you want and desire WILL come your way when you allow yourself to slow down.

By allowing yourself to rest, you allow yourself to receive.

When you let go of the DOing, you come into BEing

BEING is nourishing, fulfilling, trusting.

You come into the vibration of ‘I am open and ready to receive.’

It is safe for you to rest.

It is safe for you to relax.

It is safe for you to stop DOING.

If you’re not seeing the results that you’ve been seeking…why do you feel like it’s not safe for you to relax?

Do you feel like you won’t receive what you are seeking when you take a break?

Allow yourself to rest, recalibrate your energy, nourish your soul and you will become open and ready to receive.

Allow yourself to let go. Allow yourself to slow down.

Come into alignment with trust and come into the vibration of receiving.

The Universe is guiding you to take a pause, recalibrate and emerge with expansive energy and motivation.

The Oracle Card that came our way this month is HELD. Sureness of the soil. Unseen help. Support. Community.

March Soul Guidance Message: we are shedding. 

There is a massive shedding that is happening and occurring. A shedding of an old identity, belief, habit, story, etc.

I know that you are on your journey where you feel that you are ready to come into true alignment with your soul.

There may be something holding you back. Possibly not giving yourself permission to see the journey/experience that you are on as a blessing, and instead viewing it as a negative.

You are having an experience that is allowing you to come into a new identity or expression of yourself. 

What you are going through may literally feel like a death, an ending, a release, or a close of an old chapter. It truly could be the death of an old identity or version of yourself.

To allow yourself to journey into your next chapter, you need to let the past truly go. Let yourself stop carrying this weight or energy that is no longer yours to carry. Can you lay this piece to rest? Burn it, seal it off, close the chapter so you can move onto the next chapter.

During the channeled message I was visualizing the past and the future and the bridge between the two. You are on the bridge. You are on the threshold. Can you see that this is the version of you, the true expression of your soul that wants to be birthed into this reality?

Whatever your journey looks or feels like for you, it is meant for you and you are safe. 

We don’t have to compare our experience to anyone else’s.

This is your story and it gets to be your own story

This is your experience and it gets to be your own experience. 

A strong message that came through is..can you mother yourself?

Can you allow yourself to be held?

As you are going through your transformation, your expansion…who is supporting you right now? And do you actually enjoy their support? Or would you like to call in a new form of support?

Take a moment to reflect on how you would like to be supported: emotionally, spiritually, mentally, physically or all of the above?

Start to share your truth, express your authentic self and you will attract your soul family; the souls who are meant to uplift, empower and support you.

My greatest wish and deepest desire is that you feel like you belong. That you feel connected to not only your soul, but to other practices, rituals and beings that activate your dreams, goals, and authentic, unapologetic self!

Allow yourself to hold yourself and to be held in a community.

This is your invitation to be in the energy of a community of like-minded souls. In honor of the BBC opening, I am hosting a YOGA PARTY to Awaken your Inner Badass Babe! This FREE virtual event will be held on Tuesday, March 22nd @ 6pm EST. 

You will be guided through a 40-min soul-aligned yoga flow to tap into your inner knowing, your magic, your soul wisdom. You find your flow in a way that feels aligned with YOU. That brings you back HOME to your soul. 

Ending with an EFT Tapping Session for Success, Abundance + Confidence. You will feel your body buzzing & vibrating with magic after our session! 

Being in our energy, you will feel CONNECTED, ACTIVATED, AWAKENED, RADIANT, NOURISHED, like you finally BELONG + LIT THE F UP!

Sign up for the special FREE event HERE! 

If you can’t make it live, no worries you will receive instant access to the replay! I don’t host these events often and lemme tell ya, this is the energy that your soul will NOT want to miss! 

Every time I host live virtual events, women always DM me after saying things like, ‘THAT WAS F’ING MAGICAL. I feel so powerful, grounded in my SELF and CAPABLE!”

Receive access to the event HERE!

I'm Kelly Pender

I help you create a 'holy shit did my manifestations just happen that easily?!' mindset & life you are F'ing obsessed with!
I'm the founder of The Badass Babe Community and your Spiritual Mindset Manifestation Coach

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