I'm Kelly Pender

I help you create a 'holy shit did my manifestations just happen that easily?!' mindset & life you are F'ing obsessed with!
I'm the founder of The Badass Babe Community Membership and your Spiritual Mindset Success Coach

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How to AMPLIFY your Affirmations & Manifestations

March 21, 2022

Girrrllll, this is a JUCY episode, if I do say so myself! The other week I hopped on a live IG with my good friend Ashton who’s the owner of YogiApproved and this is the exact topic we were talking about! Instagram glitched and the entire video and golden of a nugget convo went into the ethers never to be found again. 

Soooo I pulled out my microphone and dove even deeper, sharing my 4-step method (which our angels and guides helped me to create on this episode!) on how to AMPLIFY your Affirmations and Manifestations.

This episode validates every single feeling or thought you’ve had around embodying your dreams and aligning with your Highest Self.

If you’re doing something over and over again, like saying the same affirmations for 8 months and not receiving the outcome you are desiring…it’s time to do something different.

And you GET to do something different.

Step 1: Become Aware

Ask yourself, what do I truly want for myself?

If you’ve been saying affirmations and it doesn’t actually feel true for you, or you can’t see it becoming your reality…becoming aware is the first step to a life-changing transformation.

Step 2: Shadow Work

This is the missing piece. This is F’ing IT. It’s the biggest shift needed to cross the threshold of where you are to where you want to be.

WTF is shadow work, you may be asking?

There are parts of ourselves where at one point or another in our life, we had emotional experiences, trauma, etc. where we didn’t have the proper container, tools or awareness to fully process our emotions and find a lesson in our experience to move forward into aligning with our Highest Selves.

We may have brushed our feelings or emotions under the rug, or locked up that memory because we simply didn’t want to relive it and replay what we saw, heard or witnessed.

It can be very challenging to move into alignment with our Highest Selves and to fully believe in ourselves if we haven’t acknowledged our shadow side.

In order to come into a new paradigm of accepting abundance, success and wealth – we get to do the shadow work. This piece is vital.

Step 3:  Uncover + Identity a limiting decision that perpetuated into a current limiting belief.

Subconsciously we made a limiting decision based off of a profound emotional impact that happened at one point in our lives.

journey back into the time in your life when you made a limiting decision that transpired into your current limiting beliefs. Usually between 7-13. This was an emotionally profound moment or experience in your life where you may have decided…

  • Money makes you an asshole 
  • True love and happiness don’t actually exist
  • If I share my true self no one likes me or I will be bullied.

2/3 of those were my old limiting decisions In life.

Decide…is this the ultimate truth or just a story? 

Step 4: Rewrite a new truth for yourself AND let it FEEL TRUE FOR YOU.

Rather than -> I am wealthy 

It may feel more true for you -> I am becoming more and more wealthy each and every day.

I am excited to receive an overflow of money into my bank account each and ever day.

Rather than -> I am confident

I allow myself to share my soul gifts and magic with excitement.

Each and every day, I allow myself to SHINE.

Get creative and let it feel good for you!!!

You want to feel that you are capable and it IS POSSIBLE FOR YOU.

To further amplify your manifestations and raise your vibration, you are invited to my Yoga & Tapping Party on 3/22 @ 6pm EST. You will be guided through a 40-min soul-aligned yoga flow to tap into your inner knowing, your magic, your soul wisdom. You find your flow in a way that feels aligned with YOU. That brings you back HOME to your soul. 

Being in our energy, you will feel CONNECTED, ACTIVATED, AWAKENED, RADIANT, NOURISHED, like you finally BELONG + LIT THE F UP!

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If you can’t make it live, no worries you will receive instant access to the replay! I don’t host these events often and lemme tell ya, this is the energy that your soul will NOT want to miss! 

Every time I host live virtual events, women always DM me after saying things like, ‘THAT WAS F’ING MAGICAL. I feel so powerful, grounded in my SELF and CAPABLE!”

I can’t wait to connect with you!! xo

I'm Kelly Pender

I help you create a 'holy shit did my manifestations just happen that easily?!' mindset & life you are F'ing obsessed with!
I'm the founder of The Badass Babe Community and your Spiritual Mindset Manifestation Coach

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